Classic Hamburger Helper

This was just a practice shot. I’ve been reading up on food photography at work a lot lately, because I want to improve my photos. Yep, that’s what keeps me busy when I’m bored. Some of the things I noticed is that people used a tripod. I have never done that before with any of my food pictures.  This time, I tried it with this picture. What a difference!

I was also looking at lighting.  It is hard to photograph food during the winter time! There is hardly any natural light during the winter. When I get home from work at 3:30 the sun is already going down. I set up my own light box in my basement. Here is a picture of what I did.

I don’t aim the artificial light directly at the food. Instead I try and bounce it off the white board. White board is super cheap. I got 2 sheets of it at Wal-mart for only .90 a piece. the light clamps were about 5.00 a piece and the bulbs were probably about that much too. I’m trying to shoot in manual mode more, since this Fall, because I took a photography class on how to use my DSLR camera. I shoot with a Nikon D60 camera and use a macro lens for my photos. Hopefully, from here on out my photos will keep improving.

Have you ever had Hamburger Helper before? We like to have it every now and then when we want something quick to eat. We noticed that they like to skimp out on the noodles now so we will add some more in. Not very gourmet, but whatever. Tomorrow, I plan on making a potato soup.

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