Breakfast Quesadilla

I’m really starting to like the idea of taking a picture of every step like the lady does over at Pioneer Woman. That is my new favorite cooking blog. All her pictures are really good. I figured out the lighting situation above the stove tonight. Just need to buy one of those plug-ins so that I don’t have to un-plug the microwave all the time. :)

I used to work at Taco John’s years ago and when I left there they had just gotten a breakfast menu. They had a breakfast taco with cheese, eggs, bacon, and potato oles. That was probably one of the yummiest breakfasts I’ve ever had. I also need to make one of those breakfast tacos myself soon. The seasoning that they put on the potatoes will be hard to figure out. This breakfast quesadilla is just as good though.

1. Melt a tablespoon of butter in a non-stick skillet.

2. Place one tortilla on the skillet and layer some cheese on top.

3. Scramble one egg.  I did mine in the same skillet because it was large enough. Otherwise you can microwave the egg for about 45 minutes in the microwave. Make sure you cover the dish you put the egg in though.

4. Place the last tortilla on top of the cheese and flip until the other side is golden brown. I had sour cream and salsa with mine.

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