Worms in Dirt Weight Watcher Recipes

I like to take short cuts. Maybe, I learned that from watching Sandra Lee, who knows? Like for instance, using a box of instant pudding instead of making pudding. I’ve made real pudding before and got a little irritated sitting there, stirring it and waiting for the mixture to thicken. With instant, all you have to do is make sure the pudding mixture gets dissolved and let it set.

HOWEVER when it comes to desserts, I don’t like using sugar free ANYTHING. Most of the times if you look at the back of the box (with anything that says sugar free on it) it will say in the nutrition info that it  contains aspartame or Splenda. Gross. I don’t want any chemicals at all in my food, so I opt for the more fattening version but use a low fat milk instead.  Splenda just tastes like crap to me and whenever I ate those yoplait yogurts sweetened with aspartame I’d get this nasty flavor in my mouth.

I enjoyed my worms in dirt outside, since that’s where worms and dirt is.  I didn’t sit outside in the dirt and eat it there. Nope. Although I did take the picture for this on top of the dirt. Hope you enjoy!

Calories 222 | Fat 3.6g | Carbs 41.7g | Fiber 1.9g | Protein 6.33g

Points Plus: 6

Serves 4


box of instant chocolate pudding mix
2 cups of low fat milk
8 crushed oreos
8 gummy worms

1. In a bowl, mix box of pudding and milk together until the mixture is dissolved. Set aside in fridge to cool.
2. Crush up oreos in a plastic bag or pulverize in food processor. (I don’t like to crush mine all the way)
3. In a jar or bowl, add pudding mix and then the dirt (oreos) Place 2 gummy worms on top.

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  1. says

    I gave up the artificial sweeteners and now if I eat something with Splenda or Nutrasweet it tastes terrible to me!

    I have made this before when my kids were little and they loved it! Nice photo.

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