Piña Colada Smoothie

pina colada smoothie 013
Our kitchen is getting close to being done. I’m getting really sick of our house being such a mess with card board boxes every where and appliances being out of place. The only thing we have left to do is pick a paint color and door knobs. We ordered some fancy oven vent and that still needs to go up too. We’re going to put a bright light underneath the vent, so that I can take some pictures of food cooking on the stove. It will be so awesome when it’s done.

When the kitchen is done, I decided that we’re going to celebrate with some pina coladas. Not the smoothie that I just made here, but the actual drink and with rum in it. That’s the only thing this recipe is missing. If you want to you can use light coconut milk to make this smoothie lighter.


Calories 150 | Fat 6.29g | Carbohydrate 25.26g | Fiber 2.6g | Protein 1.06g

Serves: 2

Points Plus: 4

Ingredients from Paula Dean

1 cup fresh pineapple chunks
1 cup unsweetened coconut milk
1 banana
1/4 cup ice cubes
2 teaspoons honey, optional
Pineapple wedges, for garnish


In a blender, combine the pineapple chunks, coconut milk, banana, ice, and, if desired, honey. Puree until smooth. Pour into 2 large glasses.