Fruit Pops

fruitpops 011

I can't get over how pretty these popsicles are! I love them. I just cut up some fruit into small enough pieces that would fit into my popsicle molds and then poured in about 3/4 of a can of coconut water into a bowl. Coconut water is kind of tasteless, actually. You can find it in the Ethnics food aisle in your grocery store and it comes in a regular soda can. I actually found out that the Toroni Coconut Syrup has a better taste than the coconut water and I recommend using that instead. That ...

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Oven Baked Parmesan Fries


Yesterday, I was busy. I got my garden planted. I still need to plant the onions and snap peas and buy some herbs. I also planted watermelon and I'm so excited for that. There's a recipe I found for watermelon jam that I want to try. I also made three recipes since our kitchen is finally back to normal  again, and boy I tell you what, it's nice to have a dishwasher again! One of the recipes I made were these tasty parmesan fries. I followed the recipe to a T and thought that the fries could ...

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