Fruit Pops

I can’t get over how pretty these popsicles are! I love them. I just cut up some fruit into small enough pieces that would fit into my popsicle molds and then poured in about 3/4 of a can of coconut water into a bowl. Coconut water is kind of tasteless, actually. You can find it in the Ethnics food aisle in your grocery store and it comes in a regular soda can.

I actually found out that the Toroni Coconut Syrup has a better taste than the coconut water and I recommend using that instead. That is great because, I’ve had different flavored toroni syrups down in our liquor pantry for years, now and can’t really figure out what to do with them! Or… you could make your own simple syrup. Just make sure that whatever you use with the fruit is clear, so that you can still see the fruit. Make sense? Wonder how you would make a veggie popsicle???

I first saw these here and then couldn’t find the proper link to give credit too.

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