Chocolate-Coconut Bars

chocolate coconut bars 001

Every now and then, I like to go to the farmer's market by the dike and pick up some fresh produce there.  They usually have a booth where you can buy fresh breads and these wonderful bars. Well, I don't know how close this recipe is to being like those bars at the Farmer's market, but they're pretty darn close. These bars have a graham cracker crust and they're covered with chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk, coconut, and pecans. I added some butterscotch chips to them. You have to ...

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Taco Seasoning


Ever wanted to make a recipe that calls for a packet of taco seasoning but never had that? The packets that you get at the grocery store always have so much sodium in them and if you're watching your sodium intake making your own taco seasoning is a good way to avoid that. I always have chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, and cumin on hand in my pantry.....AND we're always making our own tacos or Mexican food at home. Make a bunch of this and store it in a jar or Tupperware container and ...

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Breakfast Pizza

breakfast pizza 007

There's the most amazing breakfast at Pizza Patrol. It has sausage, cheese, and cooked eggs on top of it. It's kind of like a white pizza, but I think they have some kind of garlic sauce on top of the crust. It's so good, and whenever we get it for treat day, I'm a really happy camper. This pizza I made, is good, but not as good as the breakfast pizza at Pizza patrol.  ;) I totally over cooked the eggs. When I took it out of the oven, some of them were still runny. By the time I got to eat it ...

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Oreo Cupcakes

oreo cupcakes 022

Oreos are America's favorite cookie. Cupcakes are America's favorite way to eat cake. Combine the two, and you've got one really good cupcake. I love dunking Oreos in a glass a milk until they're really soggy and fall apart before the cookie gets into your mouth. I always get the double stuffed oreos too. It was pretty hard not eating all these cookies, before making these cupcakes. They go fast in our house. My only concern about these cupcakes is, that I couldn't even taste the cream in the ...

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Watermelon Granita

watermelon granita 010

According to Wikipedia, Granita is a semi-frozen dessert made from sugar, water, and various flavorings. It basically reminds me of shaved ice. It's also very healthy if you don't add in any sugar. It's a fairly simple process. Puree your favorite fruit. I used half a seedless watermelon to make this. Poor pureed fruit into  a baking dish and freeze. I used a pyrex one that was 8 X 11 in. After about 3 hours,  you can take a spoon and start shaving off the top. Put in the freezer again and r ...

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Baked Chicken Taquitos

chicken taquitos 008

I've never had the store bought chicken taquitos. I always avoided them, because they were deep fried and these you can bake. I  love it how you can turn just about any unhealthy/fried food into something healthy and bake it. Egg rolls are next on my list.:) These were stuffed with chicken, salsa, spices, and cream cheese. I thought they lacked in flavor a bit, but I had left some things out like scallions and cilantro. Don't leave those out, like I did!  At my favorite fast food restaurant t ...

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Ginger-Lime Chicken

chicken 025

Need a new marinade for your grilled chicken routine? Well stop looking, cause you found it. This chicken is marinaded in soy sauce, ginger,garlic, and citrus.I'm going to use the left over chicken to make chicken taquitos probably featured in a later post down the week. :) I got tired of posting nutrition info for every post, but don't worry. If you like low fat recipes you can still come here. I'll post one that's low in calories every once or twice a week. Just cause. No, really. One of my ...

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Cheesecake on a stick

cheesecake on a stick 001

My friends and I went to the street fair this weekend. There's a bunch of artists and crafters that come from different areas of Minnesota, ND, and SD, etc...  My favorite ones to look at are the photography booths. Normally, I don't end up buying any of the art. I go straight to all the food vendors. Don't you just love fair food? Cheese curds, fried bread tacos, kettle corn, gyros, etc... I had a fried bread taco and pina colada smoothie. That pina colada smoothie was so good and hit the ...

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