It’s “Chopped” time again

Awhile back, I asked my facebook readers to leave 4 ingredients for me to try and make a new recipe out of.  Kind of like the show Chopped on Food Network where they give you 4 crazy ingredients to make a new dish out of it.  If you want to join in the fun, leave a comment with 4 ingredients below for me to work with,  and I'll try coming up with a new recipe or dish out of all those ingredients.  :) The last time I got some pretty crazy ingredients like duck, which I've never worked with bef ...

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Berry Swirl Ice Pops

mixed berry pops 007

I love how pretty these ice pops look and they're so good too. I think they're by far the best ice pop recipe, I tried thus far. The recipe calls for a cup of heavy cream, but I think almond milk or a low fat milk will work just fine. The Greek yogurt makes them really creamy. Use agave nectar or honey to sweeten them if you don't want to use sugar. This came from a Martha Stewart magazine with like 50 different ice pop recipes in it, and now I want to try every single one of them. Especially ...

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