Enchilada Lasagna


I never knew how easy it was to make your own enchilada sauce. Alton Brown really nailed this one I think. It's better than the stuff you get in the can. From now on, I'll be making my own enchilada sauce. I found dried chipotle peppers in the produce section and not in the Ethnic aisle. Thought that was really weird.The peppers were with some spices, garlic, and shallots. You could probably use the canned chipotle peppers for this too. Just mince them up really fine. The dried peppers were ...

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Refrigerator Bread and Butter Pickles

refridgerator bread and butter pickles 002

I haven't done much canning yet this year. I think canning is a stupid name for it anyway. Why do they call it canning when you're putting all your produce in jars? Shouldn't it be called jarring? My tomatoes are still turning color and I get some every now and then that are ripe enough to pick. I don't really want to can just a little bit of tomatoes at time ya know? I'm kind of still confused about the whole process of canning. What if you want to make some pickles and put them in jars? ...

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