shopping spree – favorite finds!

This week, on Wednesday, I took the day off, and went to Minneapolis/St Paul MN to go shopping with my Mom. The day didn’t start so well. My Mom’s check engine soon light came on and we made it all the way up to Fergus Falls, MN. Then we turned back and went and got my car back in Fargo. That wasted half of our morning but it’s a good thing we went back.

I got a few good foodie type things on our little shopping spree. We stopped at the Macys cafeteria and had lunch there. They had one of the best cupcakes and the frosting was made from vanilla beans. Never had that before. The picture is on my mom’s phone so I can’t upload to my blog yet. There was all sorts of food in jars there like these jams from Stonewall. I picked up a fig and orange jam and dulce de leche sauce.

I got some cute pumpkins for Fall at Crate and Barrel a long with a pumpkin whoopie pan and some cupcake liners for Halloween. Be expecting some pumpkin whoopie pies on the blog soon. :)

Trader Joe’s is one of my favorite food stores to shop at there, and I’d wish we’d get one here in Fargo. I was so happy when I found my figs there. I have this obsession with figs. Every time at about this year (they’re in season), I go on a fig hunt. They’re super hard to find in Fargo so that’s why I always end up picking some up when we go to Minneapolis. Aren’t they beautiful?

My new FAVORITE store to go shopping at is Anthropologie. I first heard about this store on pinterest because people were pinning so many cute clothes from that store. I finally got to go there this week and I found my dress for the wedding rehearsal.It smelled so good in that store.

Well that’s about it. I did end up finding some whole wheat pizza dough at Trader Joe’s that’s just as good as regular pizza crust. Go and buy some and try it out for yourself. :)

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