Crock Pot Caramel Apples

caramel apples 047

Crock pot caramel apples. The recipe may seem really easy to make, considering the fact that there's only one ingredient that you have to melt in the crock pot. However, it's kind of hard to dip the apples and make sure the apples get all evenly coated with caramel goodness. Also, the caramel tends to harden quickly so you have to work fast in order to get any toppings on the caramel. It takes about a good hour on high for it all to melt. When I was dipping the apples one of the sticks ...

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Anybody out there???

I'm starting to become really annoyed with this blog lately, and yet I still continue to post recipes and pictures hoping that someone will respond one day. I continue to submit pictures to foodgawker and get annoyed when they don't approve of a photo. I know that you visit it, because my tracker is showing anywhere from 5o0 to 1500 hits per day. The most amount of time people spend on this site is 50 seconds and no one ever comments.Why is that, is it because I'm boring? Or is it because ...

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