Apple Butter French Toast

french apple butter toast 007

Did you make any apple butter at all this Fall? I did. I made a lot of it. I came across this recipe in the December issue of Martha Stewart's magazine and thought it was a brilliant idea to put some apple butter in between two slices of bread and make some french toast out of it. It was even a healthy recipe too, and the nutrition info was posted on it. That's always a bonus for me, because that's one less step I have to figure out. I was pretty proud of myself for not using any butter or ...

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Kit Kat Cake

kitkatcake 032

My Mom's birthday is tomorrow and I decided to make her a cake. This cake is so cool looking, I think it can be used for any occasion. Since her birthday falls between Thanksgiving and Christmas, she's getting red and green M & M's on the top of hers. I don't think there's any way to mess up a cake like this. You can use a store bought cake mix and store bought frosting. I used a recipe that I found on Recipe Girl's website and I didn't care to much for the frosting. The taste of the ...

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Candy Cane Blossoms

cookies 013

It's that time of year again. Time to hang up all the Christmas lights, and put up the Christmas tree, buy presents for loved ones and friends.  We were thankful for nice weather here and was able to do that when it was 45 degrees outside. My family is kind of boring about the Christmas gifts and all they ever want are gift cards. There's nothing really wrong with that because you end up getting what you want. I've told my family this before but that's all they want still. Oh well. Why can't ...

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Spicy Macaroni and Cheese

thebestmacandcheese 007

I was watching the Best Thing I Ever Made on Food Network this morning and saw Sunny Anderson make her mac and cheese. It looked so good, and I knew I had all the ingredients to make it besides the pepper jack cheese. Even without the pepper jack cheese it was awesome. The cayenne pepper gave it just the right amount of heat. The thing I liked most about this recipe, was the fact that it didn't require making a roux. A roux is a mixture of equal parts butter and flour. Then you would whisk in ...

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Bubble Up Turkey Pot Pie

pot pie 008

Looking for even more ways to get rid of that left over turkey? This turkey pot pie hits the spot. I think everyone seems to have some carrots, celery, and onion left over from making stuffing. And.... left over turkey lying around the day after Thanksgiving. The only extra ingredients you'd need to get is a can of biscuits. I looked at a couple of different pot recipes including one I've made from Ina Garten and one that was in the Martha Stewart magazine and couldn't figure out which one to ...

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Pumpkin Cake Roll

pumpkin roll! 025

It took me 3 times to get a pumpkin cake roll right. I don't remember the first time very well. Just remembered that it didn't turn out. 2nd time, it worked, but my pumpkin roll looked like the Bermuda triangle and it cracked on the top. The third time was a lot better because I had read some tips over at My Baking Addiction for making the perfect pumkin roll. The second time, I tried rolling the cake when it was cooled down. Maybe that's why it ended up cracking? On My Baking Addiction, one ...

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Turkey Taquitos with Cranberry Salsa

turkey taquitos 007

I never used to like leftovers until I met Ben. There are some leftovers I will not eat like fried foods. Thanksgiving leftovers are the best because you can do a lot of different things with them.  This is from a turkey breast I made on Friday night. I had all the ingredients besides the stuff to make the cranberry salsa. I'm never really a fan of cranberry sauce, but this salsa changed my mind about cranberry sauce. It was delicious. Sweet and Spicy at the same time. It would make a great ...

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Pumpkin Pie

pumpkin pie 030

Pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin. That's all people seem to be cooking with this time of year doesn't it? I went to the grocery store and picked up 12 cans of pumpkin puree for .85 a can this weekend. Score! There's so many pumpkin recipes, I want to try and make a low fat version of and this is one of them. Pumpkin Pie. Who doesn't like Pumpkin pie? I know of one person that doesn't and that's Ina Garten. She has come out on her show and said that she didn't care for pumpkin pie as much. Can you ...

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