Weight Watcher Recipes – Crock Pot Potato Soup

The above picture was taken in December of 2011 and the one below was just recently taken. (3/2/14). What a difference a couple years make huh? I just decided to to retake this shot again to update the photo. :)



potatosoup 009


potatosoup 004

It doesn’t really feel like soup season right now. The weather here has been so strange lately. Normally by this time we have a lot of snow on the ground and right now, we don’t even have any snow. The temps have been fairly nice too. Today we had some freezing drizzle and I had to drive about 15 mph to work this morning. By the time lunch time hit, the roads were pretty clear.

I just love crock pot recipes because they’re so easy. Just dump all the ingredients in and let the pot do the rest. Stir every now and then and your meal is ready. I’ve been finding a lot of good crock pot recipes too lately. The other week ago I cooked some ground turkey meat balls in the crock pot with some marinara sauce and that was so good. The only ingredients in this soup are a bag of frozen hash browns, cream cheese, cream of chicken soup, and onion, and chicken broth. The only hard thing to do is to chop the onion and if you have one of those onion chopper gadgets then it’s even easier. This is one really creamy soup, if you have a lactose intolerant husband like I do, make sure he takes his pill. :)

Weight Watcher Recipes

Calories 222.1, Fat 10.2 g, Carbohydrate 25.4 g, Fiber 1.6 g, Protein 8.8 g

Points Plus: 6

Servings 8

Ingredients from Pearls, Handcuffs, and Happy Hour

1 30oz. bag of frozen, shredded hash browns

3 14oz. cans of chicken broth (less sodium)

1 can of cream of chicken soup (98% fat free)

1/2 cup onion, chopped

1/4 tsp. ground pepper

1 pkg. cream cheese (1/3 less fat)


In a crockpot, combine everything EXCEPT for the cream cheese.  Cook for 6-8 hours on low heat. About 1 hour before serving, add cream cheese and keep heated until thoroughly melted.

Note: I added the cream cheese in right away and it still turned out fine.