My favorite Holiday Cookies

I thought I’d post a list of my favorite Holiday cookies. Every year, I’ll try some new ones and this year I found some that I really liked including the Candy Cane Blossoms, White Chocolate- Cherry Shortbread cookies, and Cranberry bliss bars. From last year I really liked the oreo truffles, aka oreo truffles and peanut butter ritz cracker cookies. My mom found that recipe. It’s ok to use really simple cookie recipes during the holidays. I don’t think everything has to be homemade either. :) The more cookies you can keep on knocking out of that oven the better and the even better cookies are ones that don’t require any baking. Sometimes, I’ll try and make homemade caramels but didn’t get around to it this year. Cookies are fun gifts to give and I have fun making them, especially with a double oven…

1. Oreo Truffles

2. Cranberry Bliss Bars (I used marischino Cherries)

3. Peanut Butter Ritz Sandwich cookies

Take two ritz crackers and put some peanut butter in the middle of them like a sandwich. Dip in chocolate. (It’s that simple) :)

4. White Chocolate – Cherry Shortbread Cookies

5. Candy Cane Blossoms

6. Egg Nog Cookies

roasted acorn squash 050

7. Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

chocolate peppermint cookies 01thumb1

8.  Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies


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