Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas


At the store last weekend, I bought 2 rotisserie chickens. They were on sale 2 for $10. There’s so many different chicken dishes using rotisserie chicken that you can make and this is one of them. I’ve also made buffalo chicken wraps, using the same method that I made the chicken fajita rollups with. I love Frank’s hot sauce, but the stuff gives me major heart burn and I only will eat it every once and while. If you love buffalo chicken anything then give this a try. Add in some pineapples with it. I know that sounds crazy, but there’s this pita that I like getting at the Pita Pit called the Loco and they put pineapple in it with buffalo chicken. OMG, that is so sooooooo good!

Last night, I had made a buffalo chicken wrap and I was wearing a white shirt. Guess what happened? I spilled on my white shirt which was fairly new by the way. That is the main reason I refuse to wear white, because I know I’ll spill on it. There’s these cute pair of white jeans, that I want to get but I probably won’t for that reason. 😉

Servings: 1

Points Plus 6


1 high fiber low carb tortilla
1/4 cup of diced cooked chicken
2 1 oz slices of reduced fat swiss cheese
1 1/2 tablespoons of buffalo wings sauce such as frank’s
Cooking Spray


Spray a non-stick pan with cooking spray.

In a bowl mix together chopped cooked chicken and sauce. Place the tortilla in the middle of the skillet and layer the chicken and the two slices of cheese on top of the chicken. Fold the tortilla over the chicken and cheese. Cook until Tortilla is golden brown on one side and flip and cook the other side until done.

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