Pizza Quesadillas!

Ever since starting Weight Watchers again, I’ve been making a lot of different types of quesadillas. Last week was buffalo chicken and this week is pepperoni. They can be very filling if you’re smart and use the right ingredients. I made this black bean and corn salsa and put some of that in the middle. I also like adding pico de gallo inside of them too. Pico is zero points if there’s no type of oil in it.

Smart & Delicious is a tortilla brand that makes low carb, high fiber tortillas. Perfect for people watching their weight and just want to eat healthier. Dip these pizza quesadillas in some pizza sauce. What do you like inside your quesadillas?

Servings: 1
Points Plus: 7

Calories 245, Fat 12.16g, Carbohydrate 26.08g, Fiber 14g, Protein 20.83g


1 Low Carb High Fiber Smart & Delicious Wrap
8 slices of turkey pepperoni
1/4 cup of part skim mozzarella cheese
1/4 teaspoon of Italian seaosoning
1/4 cup of pizza sauce
Cooking Spray

1. Spray the inside of a pan with cooking spray. I prefer using a  non-stick skillet.
On one side place the cheese and 8 slices of pepperoni. Cook until cheese melts. Sprinkle
the one side with the pepperoni and cheese with italian or your favorite seasoning. The tortilla is
done when they’re golden brown.



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