Butterscotch Icebox Cake

This is just an update. About 5 weeks ago, I joined Weight Watchers online. In that 5 weeks, I’ve managed to almost lose 5 pounds. Yay! I’m actually down to 4.2 pounds lost total. My husband, has lost about 35 pounds. This is living proof, that you can make some evil desserts like this  on my blog, and still manage to lose weight. The key part is to track everything. :) I even manage to make un-lightened up desserts like this one below. I logged it in the nutrition info, and it wasn’t very pretty folks.

Icebox cakes are probably in my opinion, one of the best Summer desserts to make. Why? Because these cakes don’t require heating up any oven. Just like homemade ice pops. I just recently discovered these types of cakes and wonder why I’ve never made them before? It’s basically a frozen cheesecake but you can flavor it up with any kind of toppings you like. I decided to use butterscotch with my mine. Ice cream cakes are another good dessert to make during the Summer as well.

This icebox cake recipe has cool whip, cream cheese, sugar, and a flavor topping added like butterscotch. This recipe is easy and versatile to work with. Try changing up the ingredients a bit to make it your own.


calories: 302 kcal | fat: 8.43g | carbs: 54.00g | prot: 3.59g

The nutrition info above, was figured out using fat free cool whip, and fat free cream cheese.

Servings: 8


[gmc_recipe 5039]


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  1. H says

    I was personally invited over to Mrs. Recipe-Diaries house to have a piece of the cake. I have to say it was divine and worth the trip over(worth the calories)! Thank you Mrs. Recipe-Diaiies!

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