Spicy Chicken Tacos

Now I think I know how all the restaurants out there get that great authentic Mexican taste with their chicken tacos. They use fresh ingredients. That means no store bought jars of salsa. I had some fresh tomatoes sitting in my garden so I thought I’d give this a whirl. I didn’t have any bell peppers or jalepeno peppers on hand but those peppers probably would have helped. Used a dried chipotle pepper instead. Chop the fresh tomatoes up and cook them in a pan with some onion. Puree the tomatoes and onion together in the blender. I used my emersion hand blender. Wear an apron too. This splatters. Add in spices such as cumin, fajita seasoning mix, whatever your favorite taco seasonings are. Voila, spicy chicken tacos.

I cooked the chicken in the crock pot all day long with just some water and shredded the chicken up with a fork. This was so yummy. The recipe almost reminded me of the spicy chicken tacos I had at the new taco truck in town here. Fargo finally has it’s first food truck and I wish they’d get more. The truck is called Taco Bros Food Truck. It was awesome, I’d go back there and order one of everything on their menu. Now you can re-create this same spicy taste.

[gmc_recipe 5110]


Recipe from Danica’s Daily

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