After making this recipe, I’m never making my own caramel sauce again. I’ve tried making caramel sauce so many times before, and every time the caramel doesn’t set right. The pan ends up burning. It may take some time to unwrap 32 caramel pieces, but let me tell you something…. in the end it’s worth it. No messy clean ups or burnt pans to scrub and scrub until the pan comes out clean.

I wish I had the chocolate chips to make these bars, but I was all out. I ended up only having about maybe an 1/8 of a cup of chocolate chips and these bars would be good with out the chocolate chips.

Funny thing about chocolate chips… My husband and I normally buy big bags of them at Sam’s Club and this paticular bag of chocolate chips disappeared really fast. The only thing I remember making with them was granola bars. I think there’s a little chocolate chip gremlin running around in our house somewhere eating all the chocolate chips. Maybe I won’t buy them at Sam’s Club anymore, cause they don’t seem to last long.

Recipe from Lulu the Baker

[gmc_recipe 5153]

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