Yellowstone National Park

There have been no new recipes lately, because I’ve been on vacation in Yellowstone National Park. This park is pretty awesome. Every road we have driven on here, is a whole new picture. There’s different scenery everywhere you turn. As far as the food goes, it’s ok. None of the restaurants I’ve been to so far know how to season their fries. They don’t put any salt on them.What the hell?

Huckleberry is the in fruit here, and those berries are in EVERYTHING. So far, I’ve had huckleberry ice cream, taffy, syrup, licorice, and jam. I’m making sure I get some ice cream again before I leave. Where I live, we can’t even find huckleberry anything there. The bears like to eat huckleberry too.I’ll post some more pictures later on, the internet connection at the hotel is crappy and slow at night cause everyone is on it.




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