Chocolate Butterscotch Cookies


This afternoon I was in a baking mood, but I didn’t have ingredients I needed to make certain things. I wanted to make orange fluff, but I didn’t have any instant vanilla pudding. I also wanted to make cream cheese brownies and I didn’t have a box of chocolate brownie mix. I was just at the grocery store getting things I needed and didn’t feel like going back there. Don’t you hate it when that happens? When you’re missing certain ingredients to make things?

So, I decided to make some cookies. I had the butter scotch chocolate chips but no white chocolate chips. Used regular chocolate chips instead of white chocolate chips and since I had a box of chocolate pudding mix I threw that in the cookies as well. If you haven’t tried adding in a box of instant pudding mix to your cookies yet, try it! The pudding makes the cookies so soft and good. If you decide to go the chocolate pudding route add that in to the dry ingredients.

Recipe from I Heart Nap Time

[gmc_recipe 5575]


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