Candy Bar Cheesecake

My husband was out of town this weekend and I thought it would be a good time to make a cheesecake. He doesn’t like cheesecake at all. I also made a lot of food with cilantro in it this weekend since he doesn’t like that either. It’s always nice when the husband goes away for the weekend so I can make foods that he doesn’t like. However, there are some draw backs of him leaving too. Like… loud scary noises coming from the heater that won’t go away. That kept me up all night long….

I wanted to make something for Halloween and normally if it’s a type of food that’s supposed to look like something gross, I normally don’t have any of the ingredients on hand. Everyone has leftover Halloween candy or has eaten a ton of it already before they have to go back to the  store and get some more. I just decided to top my cheesecake with chocolate candy bars and caramel sauce. I used 4 snicker’s bars, 4 Milky way’s, and 4 Reese’s Peanut Butter cups (the fun size kind). It’s a good way of getting rid of that left over Halloween candy in your kid’s trick-or-treat bag. I had the girls over Saturday night and they loved it. Hope you do too!


[gmc_recipe 5754]

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    Hi there! I submitted a reicpe with picture. They had a huge voting war thing going on. They were going to take the top 3 entries, and I was in 4th. then they decided to take 4th because there was a tie in the top 3, so now we had 4 finalists. They re-created each finalists dessert, and judged them on taste presentation. And, I WON!

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