Salmon with Pineapple and Salsa

Sometimes, I wish I could just post a recipe and not have to say anything about it. Sometimes, I wonder if people even read whatever it is I’m writing about and just look at the picture and recipe and that’s it? I know I’m guilty of that with other blogs. I’ll just look at all the yummy pictures and pin it to read it later.

I was trying to think of something to say about this salmon recipe. It felt like I was back on a tropical island again with the pineapple salsa. I served mine with some left over cilantro lime orzo from the weekend. Very tasty.

Calories 240, Fat 12g, Protein 22g, Carbohydrates 11g, Fiber 1g

Points Plus: 6

Servings: 8

Recipe from Lawry’

[gmc_recipe 5809]

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  1. H says

    My hubby made this meal last night for me and it was awesome and fun because it was something different!

  2. jgisvold says

    Maybe you and I should get together and cook some salmon one time. Ben doesn’t like pineapple salsa at all.

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