Rainbow Cookies

The name of these cookies are called Rainbow cookies. I would like to change that name to something more festive like Red and Green Cookies or Christmas Layered Cookies. Don’t you think?

These cookies were quite challenging to make. Almond paste was an ingredient I’ve never delt with before. It’s in the baking aisle if you haven’t looked for it at all. Then,  I don’t think there is enough dough to work with either. I had divided the dough as evenly as I could and the layers were all uneven. It may not look like it in the pictures but trust me, they were.

I think the next time I make these, I would just use a regular short bread cookie dough recipe and then flavor the cookie dough with almond extract. Almond extract lasts longer than almond paste does and has a better almondy flavor. Did I mention almond paste is really expensive also? I think I paid almost $6.00 for a 6oz tube. I’d also try it with different kinds of flavored jams or maybe nutella even.

recipe from Food Network Magazine

[gmc_recipe 6165]

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