Lobster Bisque

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Happy New Year everyone! On New Year’s Eve, I cooked some lobster bisque and a cheesy pull-a-part bread and my husband cooked some steaks and liver on the grill. It has become a tradition on New Year’s Eve to cook whatever we want. I usually want lobster and Ben wants his steaks. It’s our way of bringing in the New Year’s since we can hardly stay up past 10pm anymore. Isn’t that sad?!

My vacation is done today and I’m back to work tomorrow. There’s a few new things I’d like to accomplish this year. I’d like to join a gym and get off my lazy butt and start working out again. I am excited to start taking Zumba classes at our local YMCA or wherever we decide to go. I’d also like to try Yoga or water aerobics.

I ended up getting almost a pound and a half of lobster for myself this year which was a little bit too much. Next year I’m just going to get one really big lobster tail.  I just love lobster. I wish I could have it for every meal I eat, but that would get really expensive. I love how filling it is and to me, lobster tastes kind of sweet. I love lobster bisque and I’ve had several different versions of it. One I had at the HODO restaurant and another version when I was in Jamaica. I love it when there’s huge chunks of lobster meat in the bisque. I also made a cheesy pull-a-part bread to dip the soup in. It was real cheesy, buttery, and garlicy.

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Lobster bisque recipe from gimme some oven

[gmc_recipe 6315]

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