Snickers Fudge

snickersfudge 026

This is a layered fudge you make in different steps. I don’t know why but the chocolate part ended up looking kind of crumbly on top and I felt like there wasn’t enough chocolate. I did love the two middle layers the caramel and nougat part and I think it probably would have been even better if it had the peanuts. Left those out because I didn’t have any. Also, it would probably be better to make this in a smaller size pan to get the chocolate layer a little bit thicker. I took a really close up shot of it so you could see what the layers looked like.

snickersfudge 025

I got these cute little pumpkins for Halloween/Fall. They look like Halloween pumpkins but they could be Fall too don’t you think? I’ve been pinning so many ideas for decorating for Halloween the past few days and the best part is, I already have a lot of the stuff for making things. Like a dead corpse. Who would have thought to use a trash bag, duct tape, and news paper for an easy Halloween decoration? Ha.

snickersfudge 021

For the full recipe click here.

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