Homemade Pumpkin Pie Spice

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Making your own pumpkin pie spice at home is easy and you probably already have all the spices in your pantry. Pumpkin Pie Spice has cinnamon, nutmeg, ground ginger, cloves, and allspice.  There are a lot of different variations on the interwebs. You could make and double the recipe, then put it into cute little mason jars and wrap some twine around it. Give it away as gifts this Fall. People will think you're some kind of Martha Stewart. The smell of pumpkin pie spice is amazing. I ...

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Zero Point Foods


  All these foods listed below are zero points on Weight Watcher's. Eat as much as you like! I also have some recipes that are zero points as well, check them out here!zero point foods Hot peppers Hot sauce Ice pops (fruit-flavored; reduced-calorie) Jalapeno peppers Jicama Ketchup Kim chee Kiwi Kohlrabi Leeks Lemons Lettuce Limes Mangoes Mixed greens Mushrooms Mustard Nectarines Okra Oranges Papaya Passion fruit Pears Peaches Pickles Pico de ...

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Blender Salsa

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  Blender salsa might be THE BEST salsa and EASIEST salsa I've ever made.  Have you ever ate at Moe's Mexican restaurant? It's like a Qdoba Mexican Grill or Chipotle if you've never tried it before. They are known for their queso dip. I like their fresh salsas. This salsa almost reminds me of one of their salsas they have at their restaurant.  What I like most about this salsa is the only equipment needed to make this is a food processor/blender. No cooking on the stove top r ...

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Green Juice!

greenjuice 014

I decided to hop on the green juice bandwagon like every one else is doing these days. One of things I wanted for Christmas was a juicer. So glad, I got one! The main reasons I decided to get a juicer was because I thought it would be easier to get all your fruits and vegetables in for a day. I'm terrible at getting fruits and vegetables in and this way I feel pretty good grocery shopping in the store these days buying kale, spinach, green apples, etc.... I've also been reading about juicing ...

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grapepops 019

I didn't add any sugar to these and they turned out great. All I did to make them was puree a bunch of grapes in the food processor and poured the liquid into popsicle molds. You COULD use already made grape juice, but that stuff is so full of sugar it woudldn't be healthy and these ice pops would be 0 points plus because all I did was use fruit! How sweet is that? Super easy and a really healthy summer treat! I've been wondering what you do when you take out all of the popsicles out of ...

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Mango-Kiwi Sasla

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The last time I went to Whole Foods (Ben likes to call it Whole Paycheck, because it's expensive), I ended up picking up this incredible mango salsa. It was so fresh, I ended up eating the whole container of it in one hour. It was THAT good, and money well spent. It is sometimes hard to find a fresh mango where I live (that and every other type of Tropical fruit), and I've been thinking about using frozen mangos, but haven't come to try that yet. Thinking frozen mangos would get kind of ...

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Cauliflower “Rice”

cauliflowerrice 001

I've read about people replacing rice with ground up cauliflower so I decided to give it a try finally. It still has that cauliflower taste to it, but if you are looking to replace carbs in your diet this a good way to go. I don't know if I can continue eating cauliflower because when I ate this with Trader Joe's Mandarin orange chicken, I ended up having an asthma attack. Right after that, I googled can cauliflower cause asthma attacks and sure enough it was listed as a food that can cause ...

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Turkey Taquitos with Cranberry Salsa

turkey taquitos 007

I never used to like leftovers until I met Ben. There are some leftovers I will not eat like fried foods. Thanksgiving leftovers are the best because you can do a lot of different things with them.  This is from a turkey breast I made on Friday night. I had all the ingredients besides the stuff to make the cranberry salsa. I'm never really a fan of cranberry sauce, but this salsa changed my mind about cranberry sauce. It was delicious. Sweet and Spicy at the same time. It would make a great ...

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