Mini Kale Fritattas with Pepperoni

mini kale fritattas 048

I've been on a kale kick lately. Yesterday, I purchased 2 bunches of kale to make smoothies with. I know what you're thinking... ewwww kale?! Gross. But, with pepperonis and parmesan cheese, kale is REALLY good. It's also good in smoothies and every now and then I'll go over to Juice It and get my energy boost from one of their greeen juices. Eggs with kale is also delicious and if you've never tried kale before, now would be the time! It is New Years after all, and  everyone is trying to ...

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Strawberry Coconut Truffles

slow cooker meat sauce 019

  This recipe I saw on Facebook. Have you ever gone to Tip Hero's facebook page and watched any of there videos? Wow, are they addicting. Anyways... What intrigued me most about the recipe was the coconut butter. You can make your own coconut butter from stratch and all you need is coconut flakes and a food processor.  It's pretty much the same way you would make peanut butter and the coconut flakes eventually turn into coconut butter. Is your mind blown? Mine was, when I watched that video. I ...

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Peppermint Oreo Fluff

peppermint oreo fluff 027

Oreo Fluff  and Cranberry Fluff salad are two recipes that are pretty popular on this site. Since peppermint is pretty popular right now, it would make sense to combine the peppermint and oreo fluff.  Oreo Fluff is already delicious on it's own and any flavor you add to it will just make it better.  So, in goes the peppermint! I couldn't stop eating this. I even put some of the fluff inbetween two brownie cookies that I had made yesterday for the bake sale. Delicious! Crushing peppermint can ...

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Easy 3 Ingredient Microwave Fudge Bites

The Easiest 3-Ingredient Fudge Bites 024

Guess what?! My oven is not working anymore. I forget what day it was last week, where I was cooking some bacon in my cast iron skillet, and my burner wouldn't shut off. The only way to turn it off was to completely unplug the machine. On Saturday, I wanted some eggs and tried it again. Nope. The burner that wasn't shutting off before came right back on right away after the oven had been unplugged for a couple of days. I have an electric oven. I'm not one of those lucky people that get a gas ...

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Monster Eyeball Oreo Truffles

Eyeball Oreo truffles 017

  Halloween is by far my most favorite Holiday. I love decorating. Every year, I tell myself that I need more Halloween decorations. I don't ever buy any full price though. The day after Halloween is the best time to get decorations, because they're %50 off at Spirit Halloween or just about any place where you can get decorations. I try to make my outside of the house look creepy with Grim Reepers, graveyards, and skeletons everywhere. Inside, I like to find candles, table decor, you name it. ...

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Pumpkin Bread with Honey Glaze

low fat pumpkin bread 030

Let the Fall baking begin! There's so many recipes I want to make, its ridiculous. You might just be seeing dessert recipes on this blog for awhile, but that is ok. I will try to make them all healthy and as low points as I can. Can't guarantee that. We'll start the baking with this pumpkin bread. It's super moist and I adapted the recipe from a Better Homes and Garden Fall edition magazine that I got. That magazine is really awesome, there's so many drool worthy recipes. They were easy ...

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Tomato, Cucumber, and Avocado Salad

simple salad 017

Well, I got to work this morning and wasn't expecting a whole garden. A co-worker was kind enough and gave me some cherry tomatoes and cucumbers.  There was a recipe floating around on pinterest that had avocado, cucumber, and cherry tomatoes in it. What a perfect dinner to make for lunch,  only had to get the cheese and avocado at the grocery store. This salad is so simple and so are the ingredients. I just love fresh cucumbers and tomatoes from the garden and the cheese and avocado just take t ...

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Red, White, and Blue Rosemary and Parmesan Potatoes

red white and blue potatoes 001

Need a last minute side dish for this weekend? Look no more! These red, white, and blue potatoes are perfect for a colorful and festive Summer side dish for the 4th of July.  My favorite color happens to be purple and potatoes are one of my favorite vegetables. My first instinct was to take the bag right away. Usually, when I'm shopping at a clothing store, I will only take things that say "Take me, Take me" in the back of my mind because I love it so much. I guess you could say the same rule ...

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