Gazpacho Soup

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I first tried gazpacho when I was on my honeymoon in Jamaica. The soup was presented in  these little wine glasses and it was delicious. It almost reminds me of eating salsa with a spoon, although the soup is  blended and salsa is kind of chunky. Gazpacho is an easy way to use up all those summer tomatoes that are growing in your garden. This soup freezes well too. I didn't have any storage containers to freeze food in, but luckily  we had some freezer bags. I need to buy some more storage co … [Read more...]

Strawberry Ice Pops + A Giveaway!

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What's a good and healthy refreshing treat to have on a really hot summer's day?  An ice pop, of course! And to celebrate, I'm giving away this cook book with a ton of different ice pop recipes in it called Pops! Ice Treats for Everyone. There's a lot of cool looking flavors in it like pumpkin pie ice pops and I noticed there's even one that has vegetables in it. The book even shows you how to make the ice pops that  look like there's different herbs and fruits floating around inside of them u … [Read more...]

Mango Chile Lime Ice Pops

mangoice 003

My new ice pop mold finally came in on Monday morning and it's great. I'm glad I bought the thing. The mold is very sturdy and to get the ice pops out all you need to do is submerge the mold in some hot water for awhile. I bought this one here, it was only 15.00 on I found some really ripe, and I mean really ripe mangos at the grocery store. In order to find a ripe mango, I look for ones that are orange and even have a little bit of yellow on the skin. One of the chefs on food … [Read more...]

Cake Batter Pancakes

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My birthday is tomorrow, and I'll be 31 years old. I thought I'd kick start my birthday with some cake batter pancakes for dinner. Yes, for dinner. I absolutely love anything that is birth cake flavored especially ice cream and yogurt. These pancakes hit the birthday cake craving spot, and instead of making a 2 layer cake this saves on the calories and sugars. I used a tablespoon of truvia instead of sugar for these and they still tasted sweet. They're so pretty with all the rainbow colored … [Read more...]

3 Point Enchilada Fail!

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You know how Weight Watchers has those commercials where they mention the 2 point Enchiladas? I'm not sure whether or not it's 3 points or 2. Anyways... I thought that was too good to be true. I searched and searched for a recipe online and couldn't find one.  I also thought the only way to have that done was to use some kind of vegetable as the tortilla. Then,  I came across this tortilla that was only 50 calories and 7 grams of fiber. It's a Smart & Delicious tortilla and it's good o … [Read more...]

Alton Brown’s Meatloaf


Ben and I are fans of Alton Brown and just recently, Ben bought his cookbook online. We've been wanting to try the meatloaf recipe, but didn't want to spend oodles of money on ground chuck and sirloin. I subbed extra lean ground turkey for this recipe and loved the taste. The meatloaf however was over cooked. I don't know what my problem is with cooking meat to the right temperature? We had a thermomoter too and I was pulling it out to check what the temp was after 30 minutes. Not even close. I … [Read more...]

Strawberry & Blueberry Shortcakes


I found a biscuit recipe on Weight Watchers site and wondered why it was so low in points. 1 biscuit was only 3 points. The canned biscuits I believe are 5 points a piece (and that's only for low fat ones) The reason why these were only 3 points was because the recipe only called for 2 tablespoons of butter versus a regular biscuit recipe that calls for a stick and a half of butter sometimes. To my surprise the biscuits were actually quite tasty with out all the extra fat added in it. With … [Read more...]

Baked Onion Rings

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I've tried different recipes for baked onion rings and this one seems to work out the best. The egg whites make the bread crumbs stick better to the onion rings. I've tried using buttermilk and dipping the onions in eggs and that didn't seem to work at all. It was very frustrating and then I was even more surprised to learn that you can make your own meringue by just using meringue powder that you can get at the craft stores like Michael's and hobby lobby. Overall, I was satisfied with using egg … [Read more...]