Gnocchi with Brown Butter and Sage

gnocci 077

I've been through a lot of mixed emotions lately and I'll tell you why. Back in April, I got a divorce. It's been hard for me to come up with recipes for this blog, because that means cooking for one person now. I'll see a casserole recipe that I want to try and then think to myself, no I can't make that, there's too many servings and lots of leftovers. I'm not a leftover person. It's been mostly just eggs, protein, and a frozen pizza every now and then. I've been trying to work on making ...

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Creamy Alfredo with Bacon and Peas

creamy alfredo with bacon and peas 011

Bacon, peas, and pasta in a hot tub full of creamy bacon-y alfredo sauce. That's whats for dinner tonight folks. Drop your dinner plans today, go to the grocery store, and get all the ingredients to make this now. Or.... you could always just go tomorrow and get the ingredients. It's almost 7pm here, and by now I would assume most people would have eaten already. This is one of the most amazing alfredo sauces I've had in awhile. Why? Because the alfredo sauce is cooked in leftover bacon that ...

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Easy Bacon Chocolate Danishes

chocolate bacon danishes 022

*Sigh tomorrow is Monday. All it did today was rain. Rain, rain, rain all day long.  It was a lazy and damp Sunday. The sun managed to come out for a bit around 3:45 in order to snap these pics really quickly. I spent most of the day watching Food Network and trying to clean my kitchen. Then I was wondering why my traffic is so low for today, because usually on Sunday it is the highest day. Then I forgot, today is Mother's Day and usually if there's a Holiday on the weekend that means a day ...

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Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites

spicy bacon wrapped chicken 068

Do you think I post enough bacon recipes on this blog? Nope. There can never be too many bacon recipes. Oh, and sorry about the amount of chicken recipes I've been posting lately too. Had some chicken left over from those kabobs that I made earlier this week and had to get rid of it somehow. Bacon + Chicken is always a win. These are really fun to make too. Wrap some bacon around some chicken bites. Poke a tooth pick in the middle so the bacon stays in its place.  Not the whole slice of ...

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Bacon, Pineapple, Chicken Kabobs

chicken and bacon kabobs 011

You guys need to make these kabobs at your next out door BBQ! Bacon weaved in between  chicken, pineapple, onions, and bell peppers, and then covered in a pineapple glaze. These are sooooooooo good. I mean, I've seen bacon pretty much with all these ingredients... Bacon wrapped chicken, bacon wrapped pineapple, and the smell of bacon and onion cooking together in a pan is pretty much to die for. How can these be bad? Grilled onions and bell peppers are my favorite, and if you've never had ...

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Slow Cooker Corn and Jalapeno Dip

corn and jalapeno dip 2 005

Hello everyone, I hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day. Mine wasn't so great. On our way to taking my husband to the airport, we discovered my car had a flat tire. It's completely flat, and I don't know how to change them. Tomorrow, I'm going to have to call around the city and ask different car dealerships who can pick my car up and take it in to have a tire replaced. Thankfully, my husband still has his car at home and I can drive that around all week. His car tires were replaced this Fall ...

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Maple-Bacon Cornbread Muffins

maple bacon cornbread muffins 042

These muffins have been on my to make list since I bought this brunch magazine a couple of weeks ago. I remember on Christmas Day, we had the sweetest corn bread muffins with chili. They were the best cornbread muffins I've ever had and they were from Famous Daves. They were almost like corn bread cupcakes.  These maple-bacon cornbread muffins remind me of those cornbread muffins. Sweetened with maple syrup instead of refined sugar and with a little bit crispy bacon for some saltiness. The ...

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BLT Guacamole

blt guacamole 010

Who doesn't love a good BLT sandwich? It has bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes in it. Speaking of which, I need to make one of those sandwiches soon.It's been awhile. I have a couple friends who don't like bacon, and I still wonder why I'm friends with them?  J/K btw. ;) This guacamole has every element in a BLT sandwich minus the lettuce. I don't know why, but whenever I try to type in guacamole in this blog, I want to spell it as gaucamole instead.  Don't know why, but it's just a habit and I want t ...

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