Homemade Grapefruit Slices

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I love, love, love candied grapefruit slices at the candy store. The orange slices are just as good, but I really like the grapefruit slices. They are really sweet and have a distinct grapefruit taste. And guess what?! they aren’t hard to make either!

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I made these grapefruit slices while cleaning my kitchen. Every time you boil the grapefruit slices, you have to strain them to get the bitterness out of the slices. The last time you boil the slices in a lot of sugar and water for 30 minutes. Then you strain them one last time and dip them in sugar. Doesn’t sound too difficult right? Can you see why I made these while cleaning my kitchen? I really wish I had decent lighting in my kitchen in order to show you the steps. Maybe I can set up some kind of rig in my kitchen with my new tripod that I got for Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, it was pretty good for me this year! Everyone knows how much of a bacon freak I am and my brother also ended up getting me 3 1/2 pounds of bacon from a butcher where he lives. Also got this cool bacon ornament from my friend and a sign that says bacon makes me happy! It does too!


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At first the grapefruit slices were kind of bitter. Ben tried one too and he didn’t like them. The next day however, it was like they totally transformed into the grapefruit slices that the candy store has. I let my friends try them and they loved them.


2 large grapefruits
4 cups of sugar
4 cups of water
1 cup of sugar for covering the slices

For directions and step by step pictures please visit Tablespoon!

Rumchata Truffles

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If you have never tried this drink yet run to the liquor store now and grab yourself a bottle real quick! This drink tastes like you’re drinking a bowl of cinnamon french toast cereal and sometimes I just take shots of it right from the jar. It’s really good in hot chocolate. Earlier this week, I made some white hot chocolate with peppermint and rumchata in the crock pot and never got to take a picture of it for my blog. Wish I had! It was super good.

rumchatatruffles 038

I’ve been experimenting with different ways of using this liquor and I thought this would be a good substitute for heavy cream in truffles. Truffles aren’t that hard to make. In order to save time, I use the microwave to melt my chocolate instead of a double boiler and then I just stir in the cream until the cream and chocolate are mixed well together. Let the chocolate set up in the fridge and use a small ice cream scoop to make the balls. Dip them in chocolate and decorate whatever way you want to. It is very difficult to get truffles shaped into the perfect size ball like you see in all the prepackaged truffles. Don’t worry if you’re truffles don’t turn out looking perfect, they will taste good no matter what!

rumchatatruffles 057

Rumchata Truffles

1/2 cup of Rumchata
12 oz bag of white chocolate chips
almond bark for dipping the truffles

1. Melt white chocolate in the microwave until smooth. Add in Rumchata.

2. Let the chocolate set in the fridge for an hour.

3. Use an ice cream scoop (smaller size), to roll the truffles into a 1 inch size ball. You might have to use your hands to shape the ball.

4. Melt the almond bark in the microwave until the chocolate mixture is melted.

5. Dip the truffles into the almond bark and sprinkle with cinnamon to decorate. Enjoy.

Snickers Fudge

snickersfudge 026

This is a layered fudge you make in different steps. I don’t know why but the chocolate part ended up looking kind of crumbly on top and I felt like there wasn’t enough chocolate. I did love the two middle layers the caramel and nougat part and I think it probably would have been even better if it had the peanuts. Left those out because I didn’t have any. Also, it would probably be better to make this in a smaller size pan to get the chocolate layer a little bit thicker. I took a really close up shot of it so you could see what the layers looked like.

snickersfudge 025

I got these cute little pumpkins for Halloween/Fall. They look like Halloween pumpkins but they could be Fall too don’t you think? I’ve been pinning so many ideas for decorating for Halloween the past few days and the best part is, I already have a lot of the stuff for making things. Like a dead corpse. Who would have thought to use a trash bag, duct tape, and news paper for an easy Halloween decoration? Ha.

snickersfudge 021

For the full recipe click here.

Pretzel M&M Hugs

holidaypretzels 001

I’ve been seeing a lot of pretzel creations on the Internet lately and this is one of them, thought I’d jump on the bandwagon myself. I went to three different stores looking for the round pretzels and no luck so I opted for the Christmas pretzels. The round ones actually work better because the hugs settle in there so nicely. All you do is place a hershey kiss on top of the pretzel and melt them in the oven for 4 to 6 minutes at 200 degrees, and once they come out you place an M & M on top of them. Super easy and it doesn’t require mixing anything in a bowl. What other pretzel creations will they come up with next?


holidaypretzels 009

Recipe adapted from Cooking Classy

Pretzel M&M Hugs


  • Hershey chocolate kisses
  • M&M candies
  • Round or square pretzels


Step 1
Preheat oven to 200 degrees.
Step 2
Place pretzels down on a cookie sheet pan lined with parchment paper. Put a Hershey kiss in the middle of each pretzel. Let the hershey kisses melt in the oven for 4 to 6 minutes. Immediately after the pretzel and hershey kisses come out of the oven place an M&M on top.