Bread and Butter Pickles

pickles 001

A couple of firsts this week: 1.Using the sanitize mode on my dishwasher. I'm so glad we have that on our dishwasher. It's so handy to have when you like to can a lot of food that grows in your garden. 2. Canning pickles. It's not so hard. It's pretty dang easy actually. Boil sugar, vinegar, and spices together until all the sugar has dissolve. Seal, boil the jar of pickles in the hot tub for 10 minutes. I don't know why I ever found the task daunting before. I'm always kind of leary ...

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Apple Pie Filling

fig pizza 001

Today was a busy day. I spent most of the morning up until about 1:30 in the kitchen. I peeled apples from our tree. We have a lot of them this year. Actually, I was kind of bummed because, a friend and I had gone to an orchard and picked a few and they weren't as good as the ones on our tree. That orchard gets flooded a lot every year, since it's near the river. The apples were so tiny, and all the good ones that were left, were at the very top of the tree. We didn't bring an apple ...

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Anna’s Orange Marmalade

orange marmalade 003

I successfully made my own jam for the first time today. Naval  oranges were on sale and I've been wanting to make and can my own jam for awhile now. There were some learning experiences to go a long with making this recipe. Some, I'm not very proud of. 1. It takes almost an hour to get the jam to it's proper temperature. The recipe called for 30 minutes but mine took twice as long. 2. Even though I started processing the jars a little bit to early, the temperature was around 210 degrees ...

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Raspberry freezer jam

freezer jam

I admit, I was slightly confused when I heard the words freezer and jam. What's that supposed be like compared to regular jam? Freezer jam isn't as thick as regular jam. I've seen recipes where you just combine the ingredients together and whisk until fruit mixture is thick. No cooking required. That's how easy it is. This recipe required cooking but not for long. You bring the sugar and fruit mixture up to a boil and add in the pectin. Continue to cook for another minute and you're done. ...

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How to can tomatoes

canning spaghetti sauce 035

Today was a learning day. I was kind of pissed after I started reading further passed the recipe on this canning site. Which is a really good canning site by the way. If using olive oil in your sauce that would become a greater risk for botulism. I'm sure all those major sauce companies like hunts have their own sanitation method for doing this, because I looked at the back of the can and they had used some sort of oil. I didn't want to risk, Ben and  I dying from botulism, so I ended up ...

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Zenith Salsa

salsa take 2 026

This is quite possibly the best salsa ever. My brother and I would request a jar of it, every time from my Aunt.  At my bridal shower, my aunt finally  gave me the recipe and I was so happy. I made a batch of it today, and it tasted like I remembered it, way back when I was a kid. Most of  the time when I make salsa, I was trying to just throw together my version of it and not really going by a recipe. Half of the time, I would not be happy with the results. Maybe it was because, I didn't use ...

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Refrigerator Bread and Butter Pickles

refridgerator bread and butter pickles 002

I haven't done much canning yet this year. I think canning is a stupid name for it anyway. Why do they call it canning when you're putting all your produce in jars? Shouldn't it be called jarring? My tomatoes are still turning color and I get some every now and then that are ripe enough to pick. I don't really want to can just a little bit of tomatoes at time ya know? I'm kind of still confused about the whole process of canning. What if you want to make some pickles and put them in jars? ...

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Weight Watcher’s Homemade pizza sauce

pizza sauce 008

I'd like to blog about a few good food finds first, that I've found for making homemade pizza. Pizza sauce is made from tomato paste and Hunt's has their own version of No Salt added tomato paste, great for those of you who need to watch their sodium intake. I'm kind of a messy cook, and that's why there's some tomato paste on the side of the can. My friend was telling me how she'd like to learn how to make tomato paste from tomatoes, and that would be a great idea, I think. Anybody know ...

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