Low Sodium Challenge


Hi All, I haven’t been really making anything new lately. We had a lot of leftovers from the weekend to get rid of too. I’ve also been trying to watch my sodium intake because I have high blood pressure. I almost wish that someone would come out with a study that proves sodium doesn’t cause high blood pressure. Sodium is in everything and it’s so hard to avoid. You have to make everything, pretty much. There’s not a lot of good recipes out there that have a low amount of sodium.

I thought I’d start off with Tacos. Every Tuesday night, my husband and I like to go to Taco John’s and get their deal.  A hard shell is 89  and a soft shell is 99. One soft shell taco has over 700 mg of sodium. If you have 2 soft shell tacos that’s about 1,400 mg of sodium you consumed in one meal. Isn’t that awful? It’s so easy to reduce the sodium content just by making your own taco seasoning and leave out the salt. I’m on a mission to cut back on my salt intake and be looking for more ways to do that on my blog. There are however, some things that just have to have sodium in them like baked goods. Have you ever made bread with out any salt? I have and it tastes really bad. It was by accident though. ;)

If anyone wants to join me in this Challenge feel free.

Here is a recipe I’ve used before to make your own Taco Seasoning. It can be found here.

I found some cute dishes this weekend at TJ Max and I bought a Le Crueset casserole dish there too. It would be awesome one time to find a Le Crueset Stock Pot marked down for dirt cheap there. I’d so get it too.

It’s “Chopped” time again

Awhile back, I asked my facebook readers to leave 4 ingredients for me to try and make a new recipe out of.  Kind of like the show Chopped on Food Network where they give you 4 crazy ingredients to make a new dish out of it.  If you want to join in the fun, leave a comment with 4 ingredients below for me to work with,  and I’ll try coming up with a new recipe or dish out of all those ingredients.  :)

The last time I got some pretty crazy ingredients like duck, which I’ve never worked with before. Turns out that I thought duck was pretty good.