DIY: Homemade Almond Extract

Homemade Almond Extract 002

Homemade Almond Extract is super easy to make at home and only requires 2 ingredients. Vodka and Raw Almonds. Ok, people. I'm going to admit something to everyone. I'm not a fan of Country Western music. HOWEVER, ever since I've watched the Billboard Music Awards and Luke Bryan sang Play it Again...... I can not get enough of that song. It's pretty much the only country song I've been listening to. It's not that typical country Western song where they're singing about depressing love stories. ...

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Homemade Ranch Dressing

homemade ranch dressing 018

Homemade Ranch Dressing. Who doesn't love ranch dressing? I put it on everything and dip it in everything. I especially love to dip Ranch Dressing in my chicken fingers that I get at Hornbacher's at the grocery store for lunch. You can easily make it at home with just the right spices, some buttermilk, and some mayo. Doesn't have to be mayo either, you could use greek yogurt even. Add in some buttermilk and mayo and stir.  If you don't have buttermilk on hand, you can always use regular ...

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Homemade Magic Shell

magicshell 012

I love going to Dairy Queen and getting one of those dipped cones. The best part of that is the hardened chocolate on top of the ice cream. I haven't been to Dairy Queen in such a LONG time because I've been going to Tutti Frutti's. They have all sorts of Magic Shell toppings there I'm going to figure out how to make each one of them now. I first had magic shell on top of some ice cream. I was so excited at how fast the chocolate hardened, I decided to try dipping some ice cream cones in ...

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The art of Cheese Making

cheesemaking 007

I've been wanting to try cheese making for a long time now, and today I finally attempted to try it. I always thought that making cheese would be scary because it required boiling milk. If you boil milk to long it scorches the bottom of the pan. That's a real pain in the ass to clean up too. It's actually quite simple if you have a thermometer because all you have to do is wait for the milk to get to 90 degrees and take it off the stove top. No scraping your pot for a long time trying to get it ...

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Homemade Peanut Butter

peanutbutter 020

I was looking for something easy to make today, since I didn't feel like baking. Well.. I take that back. I really wanted to bake but being it Easter and all there were so many desserts. Pie, shortcake, and lemon bars. I wanted to have all 3 of them. Making your own peanut butter is so easy. That is, if you own a food processor. When I made this, the peanut butter kind of formed a ball at first, and I wondered what was going on. You have to let the food processor run until the peanut butter ...

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Homemade Lipbalm

lipgloss 004

Pinterest has me doing many odd things now. I'm more fashionable, which I never really was. The website has me making things like my own bath bubbles, body scrub and lip balm. I now even want to buy a sewing machine, because I want to learn how to sew. It will keep me busy during those long Winter months. My latest pinterest adventure was making my own lip balm. It took almost a whole entire day for it to set, because it's been very muggy and humid outside. This afternoon, I put two ...

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Make your own Body Scrub

body scrub 001

I know what you're thinking. A recipe for body scrub... have you gone mad? Nope. I haven't. I thought this blog needed something else, since I'm interested in other things like gardening, photography, crafting, and of course cooking. Why not add those sections to my blog too? Last year I crafted my own tombstones for Halloween and they turned out pretty neat. This year I've found a DIY grim reaper and ghost milk carton lights. You should see all the milk, I've been drinking. :) Anyways.... ...

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Taco Seasoning


Ever wanted to make a recipe that calls for a packet of taco seasoning but never had that? The packets that you get at the grocery store always have so much sodium in them and if you're watching your sodium intake making your own taco seasoning is a good way to avoid that. I always have chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, and cumin on hand in my pantry.....AND we're always making our own tacos or Mexican food at home. Make a bunch of this and store it in a jar or Tupperware container and ...

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