Candy Corn Cookie Pizza

Candy Corn Cookie Pizza 002

It's National Candy Corn day on October 30th, did you know that? Candy corn is everybody's favorite candy right? I guess it depends on the person because I've seen a lot of facebook pages ask whether or not they like candy corn lately. Some hate it, others love. It's kind of like cilantro. You either hate it or love it. At least candy corn doesn't taste like dish soap. I had to stop myself after eating one slice of this pizza! It was so good with some ice cream on top. Do you know why I ...

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Bloody Monster Eyeball Meatballs

blooy eyeballs

Meatballs are such a pain in the butt to cook on a stove top. It is so much easier to bake them in the oven. You don't have to worry about ruining the meatballs when it comes time to flip them, or having grease splatter at you. Trust me, I've ruined lots of meatballs in my life trying to flip them over in a pan. I'm making them this way from now on. I found the meatball recipe on pinterest and the idea to make the bloody eyeballs as well.  It's fun making food for Holidays and trying to ...

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Halloween Brownie Truffles

halloween brownie truffles 007

Have you ever had left over brownies before and didn't know what to do with them? Well, the obvious thing to do, would be to eat them.  Leftover brownies are a good base for  truffles. Use a food processor to break them up into smaller pieces so that they're easier to roll into a ball and melt some chocolate in a microwave for the glue. Roll them up into beautiful little balls and decorate them with  various things like pretzels, coconut, sprinkles, chocolate, etc. They're fun to make and super s ...

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Ghost Brownies

ghost brownies 2 013

It took me 3 times to get these brownie ghosts right. The trick is to wait and let the frosting harden a bit before you put on the face. If you do that when the frosting is trying to set the eyes will look like their melting. As you can see in some of these pictures. I ended up taking these ghost brownie pictures 3 times.  These easy ghost brownies are made with store bought brownie mix, a marshmallow, white vanilla frosting, and black decorating gel. They are fun to make and put ...

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Zombie Meatloaf

zombie meatloaf 004

I am so pumped for tomorrow night, because the Walking Dead is FINALLY back on. YAY!!!!  I just love that show. In honor of the show, I decided to make this Zombie Meatloaf. You read that right, Zombie Meatloaf. I have three favorite shows that I watch other than cooking shows. They are the Walking Dead, Vampire Diaries(can you guess how I got the name for my site?), and Big Bang Theory. The Walking Dead is a show I can watch and I'll be totally engaged in the characters and what is going ...

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Spider Cupcakes

spidercupcakes 007

Happy Halloween! I love Halloween because it's my favorite time of the year. This year, I waited too long to get a decent pumpkin. Normally, I would carve 2 or 3 of them, but by the time I got to the grocery store to pick some out they were all picked over. Decorating cupcakes is a lot more fun than carving pumpkins right? ;) That, and you can eat the cupcakes. Pumpkins just end up rotting on your door step anyway. :) Tonight I'm celebrating a little early by watching The Conjuring and eating ...

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Candycorn M&M Blondies


With all the sweet things I've been baking lately, I should probably be doing twice as many lunges and squats. I started taking a new gym class called Body Pump and let me tell you one thing. I really HATE lunges. My legs haven't been the same ever since and on days that my legs aren't sore, I'm pretty happy. I know it's good for me though and one day I will have sexy arms. :) Have you ever had the candy corn M&Ms? They're so good. I'm a sucker for pretty much anything Fall related. Not ...

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Spiderweb Cupcakes

decorations 023

Have I mentioned how much I love Halloween before? It's my favorite Holiday. I love it so much, I made my own grim reaper, that I found on pinterest. I made my own tombstones out of Styrofoam and used wooden dowels to keep them in the ground. I took some old jeans that were no longer being worn, stuffed them with plastic bags and put a shoe on it.That's fake blood, I found at the Halloween store. We love to carve pumpkins the night before. Ben likes the easy face ...

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