Watermelon Freezer Pops

watermelon freezer pops 015

Here's the thing about layered ice pops. The waiting.  The jello layers take about 20 - 30 minutes to get hard enough in the ice box where you can start adding the second layers. The recipe states 20 minutes no less, but not every freezer is created equal. There are white fridges, stainless steal fridges, nicer fridges than the one I have... Boy, would I ever love to get a new fridge because it is ANCIENT. In order to actually do that though, there would have to be a lot of kitchen remodel ...

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Strawberry Yogurt Ice Pops

strawberry yogurt ice pops

I just love making ice pops in the Summer time. They are fun and easy to make if you have two kitchen utensils. A blender/food processor and some ice pop molds. I used to have these dinky plastic molds for ice pops that I got at Target I believe. They work fine but they weren't the fancy mold that actually looked like popsicles. They are pretty simple to get out of the molds. Just run some really warm over them and when you can feel them start to move inside the molds that is when you can take ...

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Honey Dew Ice Pops + Winner annouced

honeydew pops 008

Awhile ago, I had a giveaway on my blog... which not a lot of people signed up for. Only 5 or 6 did. Next time, I promise to have something better to giveaway. The winner of my ice pop cookbook was Kay Peters Swederisk, Congrats! Hope you enjoy your new cook book. I can't believe it's August already! This summer is going by fast and it's STILL stinking hot outside. I've been hiding in our air conditioned house lately. I have this feeling that Fall is also going to semi hot here for a little ...

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Strawberry Ice Pops + A Giveaway!

strawberryicepops 009

What's a good and healthy refreshing treat to have on a really hot summer's day?  An ice pop, of course! And to celebrate, I'm giving away this cook book with a ton of different ice pop recipes in it called Pops! Ice Treats for Everyone. There's a lot of cool looking flavors in it like pumpkin pie ice pops and I noticed there's even one that has vegetables in it. The book even shows you how to make the ice pops that  look like there's different herbs and fruits floating around inside of them u ...

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Mango Chile Lime Ice Pops

mangoice 003

My new ice pop mold finally came in on Monday morning and it's great. I'm glad I bought the thing. The mold is very sturdy and to get the ice pops out all you need to do is submerge the mold in some hot water for awhile. I bought this one here, it was only 15.00 on amazon.com. I found some really ripe, and I mean really ripe mangos at the grocery store. In order to find a ripe mango, I look for ones that are orange and even have a little bit of yellow on the skin. One of the chefs on food ...

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Mojito Pops

mojito pops 025

I was going to make a post about ways to use up fresh mint in your garden. I planted fresh mint last year and it came back this year, and spread like mad. It really does grow like a weed.  This mojito pop, is one way you can use up the fresh mint in your garden. You make a simple syrup out of sugar and water and add some mint to it. Let that sit in the syrup for about 30 minutes and your syrup will be infused with mint flavor. You can pretty much do that with any herb or flavor you wish. This ...

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Berry Swirl Ice Pops

mixed berry pops 007

I love how pretty these ice pops look and they're so good too. I think they're by far the best ice pop recipe, I tried thus far. The recipe calls for a cup of heavy cream, but I think almond milk or a low fat milk will work just fine. The Greek yogurt makes them really creamy. Use agave nectar or honey to sweeten them if you don't want to use sugar. This came from a Martha Stewart magazine with like 50 different ice pop recipes in it, and now I want to try every single one of them. Especially ...

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Watermelon Pops

watermelon pops 003

It's been so hot and muggy here lately, I've been making a lot of cool summer treats. Besides these, I have some strawberry ice cream ready to be churned in my fridge. The temperature has been sticking around in the 80's and the dogs love to go in their pool outside. We've had the air conditioner on a lot too. I'm already day dreaming of treats that I can make this fall that involve apples and pumpkin, and have already book marked a lot of them. If you don't own any popsicle molds you just ...

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