Photo Challenge 2


The days are a bit out of order, I apologize. :) June 7th: Drink June 11th: Door June 9th and 10th: best bit of your weekend & Your view today: I never buy heals, but couldn't pass these cute little red shoes up. They were only $15.00 at Payless. Not to tall of a heal either.  I used this shot for two days. Finding deals like this can make my weekend, pretty sad huh? June 12th: low angle ...

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June Photo Challenge


I'm doing a photo challenge this month for June, which can be found here. It's been a lot of fun so far, and it's also a change from taking pictures of food every other day. :) Feel free to join in if you want. Everyday is a different subject.   Morning Empty On my plate. Close Up Sign hat ...

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Jamaica Day 4

day 4 005

I'm going to skip a day because all the food we ate yesterday was taken on our Olympus camera, and I can't load any of those pictures until we get home on Thursday night. It's already day 4 and we have just one day left here. There's so many things I want to try making myself when we get home. I really liked the blackened fish we had at lunch time today. I also got to try some Gazpacho soup, which I really enjoyed. The dessert buffet had Canoli and biscotti and they were both good. I liked the ...

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Jamaica Day 2

Day #3 2 102

Boy let me tell you something. You can surely gain a few pounds at this place. They don't let you starve at all. The bar has pop corn and ice cream that you can snack on between meals which is pretty nice. The turtles also like the pop corn too. We went to one of the restaurants that you have to make a reservation for at night here and we didn't care for it too much. The buffet and beach bar have been our favorite places to eat at. Tomorrow, I'm getting a massage and we're going to go shopping ...

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Jamaica Day 1

Jamaica Day 1 025

Jamaica has been pretty awesome so far. They have the freshest fruit imaginable here. In the states it's hard to find that sometimes, depending on what kind of fruit you're looking for like pineapple. They have fresh coconuts hanging from the trees and I want to take one down and drink the juice out of them. There's a bar right next to the beach that we're staying at and you can go down there just about pretty much any time of the day and grab something. My favorite so far has been the dessert ...

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Food Photography


I've decided, that I'm going to start giving photography tips on my blog since I love to take pictures of things other than food. But first, I'm going to try talking about taking pictures of food. My pictures never used to look good. I struggled with lighting and shadows. Take this picture of Bubble Up Enchiladas for example.. See what I mean? Before... After... I like the second picture better because everything is sharp and in focus. I've struggled with trying to get pictures ...

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Pyrotechnics Guild International


Every 5 years, the PGI tour comes to West Fargo, ND and every year it's AMAZING. They did a tribute to 911 and that was my favorite part of the show. There was a rain delay and that caused problems with starting on time. The announcer kept on saying the show will start in 2 minutes and everybody in the audience would get annoyed. I just love a good fireworks display show. We didn't get home until about 12:30 which is way past our bed time. ;) ...

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