Whole Wheat BLT Caprese Panini

blt caprese sandwich 010

I've been taking this new gym class on Tuesday and Thursday nights called Tabatas. Tabatas is an intense training class for 30 minutes where you do so many moves as you can in 20 seconds and you repeat that 7 times.  6 or  7 times, something like that. The killer for me is always burpees. Those things SUCK. The thing I love about that class is, is that I sweat every time. There's just something about sweating that gives me a high.   This Whole Wheat BLT Caprese Panini is actually fa ...

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Salmon Guacamole Sandwiches

avocado salmon sandwich 006

Happy St Patrick's Day! I'm not Irish, but I like participating in the Holiday and wearing green things and making green food. There's also a chance of Northern Lights tonight, and right now there's a geometric storm going on with a level of 4. That's the largest the level has been since 2003 and the sky is pretty clear right now. Which is the number one thing you have to look for when shooting the Northern Lights. :) If you're not familiar with figuring out how and when to shoot the Northern ...

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Thanksgiving Leftovers: Turkey and Cranberry Paninis

black friday sandwich 072

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! On Thursday I ran the Huffin and Stuffin 5 k to burn a couple calories before the Thanksgiving meal. It was -13 below out and I was dressed in 3 layers of clothing. I've never ran in the Winter before and I ended up finishing in exactly 50 minutes. I walked for the most part but tried to run as much as I could. I'm going to be running outside in the Winter a lot this year.  Thank goodness for no wind that day. That would have been awful. We were ...

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Appled, Bacon, and Gouda Grilled Cheese

applegoudagrilledcheese 020

I've been a Gouda virgin up until today. I can't believe I waited this long to try this cheese! Where have you been all my life?! Gouda cheese was kind of expensive. 6.99 a pound at my grocery store, but I'm glad I bought it.  The cheese harmonizes well with bacon and apple and now I want to try it in mac and cheese. Gouda and  bacon and mac in mac and  cheese. Oh my!   This week, I tried to make my own ham sandwich. On top of that sandwich, I put ham, low fat swiss cheese, a tomato, spi ...

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Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwiches

hamadcheese 003

Don't these sandwiches look elegant with the poppy seeds on top of them with the gooey melted cheese dripping down from the side? I posted this recipe on my facebook page earlier this week and I just couldn't wait to try them. It's been quite a while since I've had a hot ham and cheese sandwich especially from Hardees. This hot ham and cheese sandwich did not disappoint. The flavored butter that goes on top of these is so flavorful and delicious.   I would make these for a potluck and keep t ...

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Italian Sloppy Joes

italianjoes 011

`On Saturday night it was Spaghetti Saturday. There was left over meat sauce and so I decided to make these Italian Sloppy Joes that I saw on the Pioneer Women's website. That is such a genious idea and they were really delicious. I always have left over garlic toast too so they were so easy to make! Try these whenever you have left over spaghetti sauce. I did not use the Pionner Women's recipe but the spaghetti sauce recipe that my mom always made for me and brother. I'll post that recipe for ...

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Peppered Pork and Parmesan Sanwiches

oniondip 014

On Saturday mornings I like to watch Food Network up until about 10am and then I go to my cycling class at 10:30. On Saturdays they have a new show on called Heartland Table with Amy Thielen. The show takes place in Minnesota which is one of my next door neighbors. That I really like. I like her style of cooking too. She made these peppered pork and parmesan sandwiches on Saturdays show and I wanted to make them that night but I waited until Monday night. You can make the flat bread dough the ...

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Salmon & Guacamole Sandwiches

salmonsandwich 002

I haven't made a Barefoot Contessa recipe in a long time. I did watch her episodes on Food Network, where she was staying in California for vacation. Usually I like her recipes, but I thought most of those were a little too fancy for me. Sometimes her recipes can be rather high class, but this one was just perfect! We like to keep bags of frozen salmon from Sam's Club in the freezer and they only take like 2 hours to defrost. I've been wanting to use my cast iron skillet more, but they're ...

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