Alton Brown’s Homemade Candy Corn

homemade candy corn 009

This homemade candy corn recipe from Alton Brown is super easy to make, and you will never want to buy store bought candy corn again! Usually candy making is very intimidating for me. Dealing with thermometers and boiling sugar is not my cup of tea. I'd rather just mix something in a stand mixer and bake that in the oven. Now, I'm thinking I might go into my own candy corn making business. It was really fun to roll the sugar mess into ropes and make the ropes look yellow and orange. You have ...

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Candy Corn Cookie Pizza

Candy Corn Cookie Pizza 002

It's National Candy Corn day on October 30th, did you know that? Candy corn is everybody's favorite candy right? I guess it depends on the person because I've seen a lot of facebook pages ask whether or not they like candy corn lately. Some hate it, others love. It's kind of like cilantro. You either hate it or love it. At least candy corn doesn't taste like dish soap. I had to stop myself after eating one slice of this pizza! It was so good with some ice cream on top. Do you know why I ...

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Halloween Brownie Truffles

halloween brownie truffles 007

Have you ever had left over brownies before and didn't know what to do with them? Well, the obvious thing to do, would be to eat them.  Leftover brownies are a good base for  truffles. Use a food processor to break them up into smaller pieces so that they're easier to roll into a ball and melt some chocolate in a microwave for the glue. Roll them up into beautiful little balls and decorate them with  various things like pretzels, coconut, sprinkles, chocolate, etc. They're fun to make and super s ...

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Ghost Brownies

ghost brownies 2 013

It took me 3 times to get these brownie ghosts right. The trick is to wait and let the frosting harden a bit before you put on the face. If you do that when the frosting is trying to set the eyes will look like their melting. As you can see in some of these pictures. I ended up taking these ghost brownie pictures 3 times.  These easy ghost brownies are made with store bought brownie mix, a marshmallow, white vanilla frosting, and black decorating gel. They are fun to make and put ...

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No-Bake Nocciolata Cheesecakes

zombie meatloaf 028

I got this jar of Nocciolata in the mail to sample, and it's delicious. Nocciolata is a hazelnut spread made of all organic ingredients and it's easy to spread on toast, pour over ice cream, or dip into strawberries. If you haven't tried this stuff before you must. I found a jar of it in the organic section of my grocery store. I've been on this cheesecake kick lately.  A couple weeks ago, I made that caramel apple cheese. I've also been buying them at the store and here I am making ...

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Caramel Bacon Popcorn

caramel bacon popcorn 004

So, it's Boy Scout pop corn season again. They were at the Cash Wise store trying to get us to buy some on Friday night. We told them that we have a neighbor who sells the same popcorn. We've bought from them the last two years and we STILL have two bags of popcorn in our pantry. I'm trying to use up the popcorn and found this recipe for Caramel Bacon popcorn. I have never tried making popcorn over the stove top before since we have an air popper. Caramel and me have a bad history together. ...

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Pumpkin Pie Spiced Blondies

slow cooker sweet and sour meatballs 001

On Sunday morning, the husband and I went to Maplewood State Park, MN in search of pretty Fall colors. This was our first time  going to this park. I would have taken some pictures of us, but I am more of a scenic photo taker. I could care less if I was in the photo, and I'd rather see the beautiful scenery instead. :) I'll get to some pumpkin spice blondes soon.   We had to climb up a really tall hill to see this. By the time we got up to there, I was having a hard time breathing but t ...

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Caramel Apple Cheesecake

caramel apple cheesecake 007

I made this Caramel Apple Cheesecake on Saturday, and I'm finally sharing it with everyone now. Who doesn't love cheese cake? This cheesecake is topped off with freshly cooked peeled apples in cinnamon and sugar, and then topped off with butterscotch topping. The original recipe calls for chopped nuts on top and you can go ahead and use that too if you like them. You will not be disappointed by this cheesecake recipe. Caramel sauce would be good.   I think, I finally found my go to ...

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