Pumpkin Bars with Nutella Swirl

pumpkin cream cheese swirl bars 003

Pumpkin bars with Nutella  swirl  are made with angel food cake and canned pumpkin puree to make them lighter. Another great pumpkin treat for Fall! Well guys, cream cheese swirls are nearly impossible for me to make. What is the secret? I mixed in some milk with the cream cheese to try and thin the cream cheese out a bit, so it would be easier to swirl. Then, I took a knife and tried making the figure 8's as mentioned in this recipe, but the cream cheese wouldn't swirl! It would just sink i … [Read more...]

Chocolate Chunk Cookies

chocolate chunk cookies 013

These chocolate chunk cookies have browned butter and chunks of chocolate in them. Another great recipe from Ree Drummond. I did couch to 5k a while ago and decided I should start running again. That program now has an app for your phone which is pretty nice. It prompts you when to start running and when to start walking. The original couch 2 5k downloads had techno music playing in the background and today, I was forced to listen to the sounds of traffic coming from the Interstate. That made … [Read more...]

Banana Pudding Cake – Trisha Yearwood

banana pudding cake 003

Do you guys ever watch Trisha Yearwood on Food Network? I've made quite a few of her recipes. Her Chicken Tortilla Soup, Chicken Tortilla Casserole, and Miss Mickey's Peanut Butter Balls, all have been super good and very popular on this site.  They kind of over play her episodes on Food Network a lot and I'm glad she finally has a new season out with all new recipes. This banana cake doesn't have any type of flour in at all. Unless you count the flour from the vanilla wafers. Instead of … [Read more...]

Nutella Rice Krispie Treats

sunflower pics 028

  Get ready, this post is going to be about Rice Krispie Treats and sunflowers. You'll probably be sick of them by the time I get done. Sunflowers are in full bloom here. North Dakota is known for growing corn, soy beans, and wheat. Sometimes, in the Summer, you'll eventually get lucky and see a sunflower field. When I saw a sunflower field on my way home from the lakes one weekend, I knew I wanted to go and take some pics of it. I love sunflowers. We tried growing one one time in the g … [Read more...]

S’more Bombs

Smore Bombs 011

Do you remember the Bacon Cheddar Bombs I made awhile ago? When I'm at work, I like to keep a little sheet of paper beside my desk so I can write down recipe ideas whenever one pops up in my head. Like this one. I wanted to create a dessert "bomb"  that was completely the opposite of a savory bomb. Why not stuff some herhsey's chocolate, marshmallows, and graham cracker crumbs into a biscuit and bake/fry it?? Then, I took some Nutella and drizzled it all over the bombs and dusted them with … [Read more...]

Nectarine Galette

Necatarine Gellate 005

I heard some good news this week people! My BLT Pasta Salad recipe is a top recipe this week on Ziplist. Pretty awesome. That, and one of my other recipes is going to be published in the news. How freaking awesome is that? I will keep you guys updated on that other one. This is my first time making a galette and I can't believe how EASY it was. Seriously easy, if you use a store bought pie crust. You can pick whatever fruit you like, I had nectarines in my fridge. I've been noticing a lot of … [Read more...]

Cheesecake Mousse Parfaits

Cherry Cheesecake Parfait 010

Last week on Monday, I got an ipad mini and have been using it a lot. You should see me on my little corner of the couch. I have my smart phone, laptop, and ipad mini all in one corner. It's like my own little technology center, and I'm all high tech now.  So far,  my favorite feature on it is the retina display. The quality is so incredible and pinterest sure looks different on my ipad. Way different. The pictures just pop out at you more. Have you ever tried paddle surfing before? It's hard … [Read more...]

Eggless Ice Cream

Eggless Ice Cream 012

Last weekend, while at the Street Fair, I had some brown sugar bacon ice cream from a new company in town that makes their own ice cream called Milkhaus. Super good by the way. It's eggless ice cream which makes it really super easy to make and that inspired me to try making my own. If you never made ice cream  with eggs in it, it is kind of a pain. You have to heat up the milk a bit on the stove top, and then temper the eggs which is bringing the eggs to the same temperature as the milk, so … [Read more...]