Easy Stuffed Roast Turkey with Giblet Gravy

Thanksgiving Day 008

  I didn't have to do any cooking for Thanksgiving this year, but I thought I would just share this turkey recipe we had on Thanksgiving Day.  The turkey was cooked all the way  (my brother tested it with a thermometer). We watch cooking shows and do research on this stuff. I've watched Alton Brown for the last 3 years on how to cook a Turkey. However, the turkey was a little pink towards the body and my mom and Grandma thought that it wasn't done.  A little pink is fine and doesn't nec ...

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Homemade Chicken and Noodles

chicken and noodles 019

    I woke up not feeling well last night and I'll spare the details. Today, I am just cold and have the shivers.  I might have got some type of food poisoning from something I ate yesterday.  Ew.   What do you make when you're sick? That's an easy question to make and the blog title pretty answers that. :) The original recipe for this calls for heating a whole chicken on a stove top until it's cooked, then you shred it apart. Who feels like doing all that work when you' ...

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This is what North Dakota Looks Like

steer 005

Went out on Tuesday night and took some photos. If you're curious. This is what North Dakota really looks like. The land is so flat, that you can see for miles and miles. It's frosted over a couple of times now, so the leaves are starting to fall off the trees already.   We found a steer, and he actually came up to the fence and posed. For awhile there, I thought he was going to charge for a bit. Instead he just pooped.       ...

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Saturday: Life Happenings

fall folliage 049

I thought I'd start a weekly blog post on what is going on in my life right or what I'm currently obsessing over. I'm not sure what to call the post yet, so for now it will be just this.  I'll even try to post a photo that isn't food.  The image above was taken somewhere in MN by my aunts lake house. Tonight is my symphony concert at 7:30pm. I haven't played my violin in an orchestra in over 15 years  and I'm loving it. It's a good way to meet new people. We rehearse on Tuesday nights. The dre ...

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50 Delicious Chicken Dinner Recipes for Weight Watchers


Here are 50 delicious chicken dinners for Weight Watcher's! Enjoy!   1. Baked Chicken Parmesan 6 Points 2. Bubble Up Chicken Enchiladas 9 points 3. Thai Chicken 10 points   4.Skinny Chicken Parm Meatballs 5 points   5. Korean Grilled Chicken Breasts 3 points   6. Grilled Chicken and Blueberry Salad 6 points   7. Clean Eating Chicken Salad 4 points   8. Slow Cooker Chicken Gyros 6 points   9. ...

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Balance Bars + $15 Gift Card to Wal-mart Giveaway! (Closed)

balance bars 006

  It's Summer, and that means one thing for me. Working out outside! Right now, I am training for a 5K in August called Color Vibe. It's a fun 5 k race where you come out ending up looking like you got a bunch of colorful chalk thrown all over you.  When you work out, you need plenty of vitamins and minerals, and plenty of protein to help keep you full and build those muscles. I like to eat Balance Bars after or before a workout to get all that in! Each Balance Bar has 15-14 grams of ...

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4th of July Weekend in Pictures

th of july 190

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend! There's been a lot of haze and smoke from the Canadian wild fires in North Dakota and Minnesota. I was afraid it would ruin the weekend, but it never did. We hadn't seen  blue sky for 5 days straight, and on Saturday afternoon we finally saw blue sky. There was enough blue sky in the area, and it cleared up. so that you could see the stars and Northern Lights. Yep, I finally got to see the famous Northern Lights this weekend. I went outside at ...

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How to use Ziplist


You can now save recipes and add ingredients to your shopping list  thanks to a new feature on my site called Ziplist. You see at the top of my site where it says Recipe Box? If you click on that, it will take you to your very own recipe box, where you can save as many recipes as you want.It's your very own virtual recipe box, how cool is that?  If you don't have an account already, you can just log-in using your facebook account or use your email address to sign u ...

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