Weight Watcher Recipes

My blog started off as a recipe site for collecting Weight Watcher Recipes but has grown into a site for just about every kind of recipe you imagine! I still do post Weight Watcher Recipes from time to time so keep on checking back for more if you are following the Weight Watcher plan. I do not follow it anymore, but I love how you can easily take just about any recipe you find on the Internet and make it more Weight Watcher friendly like this page.

All recipes that contain nutrition info and points plus values are Weight Watcher Recipes. If a post doesn’t contain any nutrition info, then that means it’s not a Weight Watcher recipe. Especially if it doesn’t look very healthy. :)

I have done Weight Watchers before and successfully lost 15 pounds. It’s a good program that teaches you how to use proper portion control and to eat healthy. My husband is also doing Weight Watchers right now and he’s lost 20 pounds so far. It really does work.

There is a category on my site called Weight Watcher recipes you can find in the drop down menu on the right hand side of the tool bar. Most of my site traffic is from people searching for my Weight Watcher Recipes  so I’ve been trying to come up with more of those even thought I don’t follow the program anymore.


1. Where can I find your Weight Watcher Recipes at?

You can find them under this category link. Weight Watcher Recipes.

2. How does Weight Watchers work? 

Every food has a PointsPlus value, and your daily PointsPlus Target represents the number of PointsPlus values you should stick to every day in order to lose weight safely.

To figure out the points plus for a food it is based off of calculation that uses fat, carbohydrates, protein, and fiber. The old points system used fiber, fat, and calories.

You track the number of points you eat each day in a journal or online.

The number of points each person gets a day, is based on certain things. Age, Height, and Weight.  Here is a site that lets you figure this out.

3. Why don’t some of your posts have nutrition info on them?

Sometimes, I like to make the full fat version of things, and if I loved the recipe I’ll post it. Later on, I’ll try to make a healthier version of the recipe.

4.  Help, I can’t find the number of servings.

The number of servings are posted right above the list of ingredients.

If you have any questions at all please ask. :)