Air Fryer Grilled Cheese

  • Author: Jenna
  • Prep Time: 2 min
  • Cook Time: 8 min
  • Total Time: 10 min
  • Yield: 1 1x


Regular Grilled Cheese 

  • 2 Slices of good crusty bread or regular sandwich bread
  • 2 slices of cheddar cheese 
  • 1 tablespoon of room temperature butter or mayonnaise 

Weight Watcher Version 

  • 2 slices of bread such as Village Hearth Light Italian
  • 1 slice of Velveeta Original 
  •  I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Spray or regular butter 


  1. Take two pieces of bread (artisan or crusty) and a slice of your favorite cheese. 

  2. Place the cheese in the middle of the two slices of bread. Butter or spray 1 side of the bread with cooking spray (or butter). Mayonnaise works as well. Place the butter side down first on the basket and then butter the other side
  3. Set the timer of your air fryer to 5 minutes at 350 degrees.
  4. When the 5 minutes or done, flip the sandwich over so that the other side of the grilled cheese becomes toasty and golden brown. Air Fry for another 3 minutes.  Not all air fryers cook the same. If your bread didn’t get brown, you might have to cook longer for each sides.
  5. Air Fryer Tip: When the bread is cooking in the air fryer it will sometimes move around because of the circulating air at the top. Most air fryers come with a trivet that you can place over the bread or find something heavy that is oven safe dish to set in your air fryer.
  6. Serving size: 1 sandwich


my WW points Blue  4 Green 4 Purple 4


  • Category: Easy
  • Method: Air Fryer
  • Cuisine: American


  • Serving Size: 1 sandwich
  • Calories: 230
  • Sugar: 1
  • Saturated Fat: 0
  • Protein: 11

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