Blueberry Waffle Bread Pudding + Ideas for National Hot Breakfast Month

blueberry waffle bread pudding 029

  Can you believe it's February already? That poor groundhog Phil, saw has shadow on Monday, so that means there's at least 6 more weeks of Winter. Boooo!!!!!!!! More like 10 where I live. Groundhogs are rodents, not meteorologists! Just saying. :) February is also National Hot Breakfast month. You can have breakfast for dinner all month long and have no shame!  I have breakfast for dinner so many times during the week. On some nights, I'm really lazy and just cook up some hash browns a ...

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Sweet Potato and Sausage Hash

sweet potato and sausage hash 023

Sweet Potato and Sausage Hash is  a good way to start off any weekend morning. The sweet potatoes get cooked in some boiling water.  The sausage and onion get cooked in a skillet and I learned something new today while cooking sausage. If you poor in a little bit of water, that helps to get the brown sticky bits off the bottom of the pan. The water will absorb in the skillet and your pan will be clean. The sausage and sweet potatoes give you that sweet and salty combo, and then you have that egg ...

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Blueberry Coffee Cake

blueberry coffee cake 006

  Every now and then, there will be a food magazine in the store where EVERY recipe in it looks good. If there's a magazine with only like say one or two recipes in there, that actually look good, it isn't worth purchasing in my opinion. When every  recipe in a magazine looks good, seriously EVERY recipe, like this Better Homes and Garden magazine I picked up about breakfast. Score! I have recipes to make for the next month. :) The magazine teaches you how to make your own yogurt, s ...

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The Hangover Quesadilla

the hangover quesadilla 004

Happy 2015! Last year was a good year for this blog, and I can't wait to see what this year brings! The best thing I ever did for this blog, was to buy a book on food photography and practice taking better pictures. The book I bought was Tasty Food Photography, you can get it on Pinch of Yum's site.  Two of my recipes were featured on the Huffington Post and 1 was featured on Buzzfeed. I would like to see my site traffic grow even higher this year, and  get more recipes featured. P ...

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Overnight Orange Cinnamon Rolls

overnight orange cinnamon rolls 025

Awhile back, I tried making some low fat cinnamon rolls and wondered why they hardly rose at all. I looked at the back of the yeast package, and it had expired in 2012 of February. That would be why! I got some new yeast at the grocery store, so I have a fresh infection  now. That was a terrible joke, I know. Anyways, always check the expired date on your yeast packages. I'm never buying those instant yeast packages you get at Sam's Club ever again. By the time I actually get to use them the ...

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Chewy No-Bake Granola Bars with Coconut Oil

coconut oil oatmeal bars 024

First off, I found some new goodies at Trader Joe's. Fig and Olive Oil Crisps - These are fantastic and great with some kind of spreadable cheese like Laughing Cow Cookies and Creme Cookie Butter Spread - If you like oreos and cookie butter, this is seriously good eats. Dark Chocolate Bars with Speculoos Cookie Butter  - Too die for! Guilt Free Mac and Cheese - I love their Mac and cheese frozen entrees, and knowing that this is guilt free makes it even better! The whole container is ...

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Tator Tot, Sausage and Egg Pie

tator tot sausage pie 003

Today was a good day. My recipe for Peppermint Eggnog Punch is on the Huffington Post. :) I decided to celebrate and picked up some brie cheese at the grocery store. Then, I got off from work and quickly made some bacon wrapped little smokies with brown sugar for treat day tomorrow. It's going to be a HUGE company wide pot luck and there is well over 400 people where I work at. I'm wearing my fat pants tomorrow. ;) j/k. Those are going on the blog tomorrow. This Tator Tot, Sausage and Egg ...

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Weight Watcher’s Cinnamon Rolls

weight watcher's cinnamon rolls 034

Last night was very productive. Made a dough for cinnamon rolls and got my database that I created to successfully display on my server for my homework assignment. I'm working on a form that allows a user to submit info, and that gets stored into a database. A lot of that probably doesn't make sense to you, but you do it every day when you're online. Submitting your info to order pizza online. Pizza Hut receives that in order for you to get pizza delivered to your house. That is kind of almost ...

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