White Chocolate Cherry Granola

white chocolate cherry granola 005

So happy it is Saturday. I'm going to a cupcake decorating class later on at 2:00pm today. I'll have to take pictures of the finished cupcakes and post them on here. It's with the meetup.com I joined. I also went and had some brunch with a friend at this place called the Boiler Room. We had Scotch eggs with maple aoli and they were to DIE for. The sausage was so spicy and the sauce was the best. A Scotch egg is a hard boiled egg, that is rolled in ground sausage and then gets deep fried with a ...

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Baked Funfetti Glazed Doughnuts

baked funfetti doughnuts 024

Happy Wednesday! Here's a little tip. If you want to get back at someone you don't like at the moment, go to a health insurance site and enter in their phone number to the site and press the enter button when looking for quotes. They'll get spammed up to wazoo in phone calls! I accidentally did that, and now I'm getting calls from all over the US. They started on Friday and now, I probably have up to 80 phone calls from missed insurance companies. I'm not kidding you! Don't ever do that for ...

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Ham and Asparagus Frittata

asparagus and ham fritatta 015

Frittata's are pretty awesome and so easy. No flipping, no scrambling, and no waiting until the egg yolk is set in the  middle and the whites are done. My favorite type of egg is over easy, but with a frittata all you do is add everything into a bowl, pour in a pan, and let the oven do the rest for you! Mix in whatever vegetables or protein you like. My favorites are chorizo, ham, bacon, cheese, and broccoli. Potatoes are also great, but will take a longer cooking time. To make this dairy ...

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Cherry Chocolate Scones

chocolate cherry scones 006

I keep on finding awesome recipes in the Better Homes and Garden Breakfast and Brunch magazine edition. The magazine was on the shelves quite awhile ago, want to say that I picked it up sometime in the middle of Winter. You know how some people are a sucker for the gossip magazines? Well, I'm a sucker for food magazines. Think they do that on purpose at the check out lanes, and put the candy right next to the food magazines. Oh look, this recipe looks good it has chocolate in it! Think I'll pick ...

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Gruyere and Chive Popovers

gruyere and chive popovers 018

I had a pretty crazy weekend in Minneapolis, MN. Friday night started off with dinner at a restaurant that was featured on Diners Drive Ins and Dives called Broder's Pasta Bar.  For an appetizer, we ordered some Rosemary Almonds, which I plan on making for a snack one day. For dinner, I was forced to order number 18 (tagliarini di Locanda del Lupo) because according to my brother and Laura, it would not disappoint! #18 was fresh homemade pasta with prosciutto Rossa, truffle pesto & cream ...

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Blueberry Waffle Bread Pudding + Ideas for National Hot Breakfast Month

blueberry waffle bread pudding 029

  Can you believe it's February already? That poor groundhog Phil, saw has shadow on Monday, so that means there's at least 6 more weeks of Winter. Boooo!!!!!!!! More like 10 where I live. Groundhogs are rodents, not meteorologists! Just saying. :) February is also National Hot Breakfast month. You can have breakfast for dinner all month long and have no shame!  I have breakfast for dinner so many times during the week. On some nights, I'm really lazy and just cook up some hash browns a ...

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Sweet Potato and Sausage Hash

sweet potato and sausage hash 023

Sweet Potato and Sausage Hash is  a good way to start off any weekend morning. The sweet potatoes get cooked in some boiling water.  The sausage and onion get cooked in a skillet and I learned something new today while cooking sausage. If you poor in a little bit of water, that helps to get the brown sticky bits off the bottom of the pan. The water will absorb in the skillet and your pan will be clean. The sausage and sweet potatoes give you that sweet and salty combo, and then you have that egg ...

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Blueberry Coffee Cake

blueberry coffee cake 006

  Every now and then, there will be a food magazine in the store where EVERY recipe in it looks good. If there's a magazine with only like say one or two recipes in there, that actually look good, it isn't worth purchasing in my opinion. When every  recipe in a magazine looks good, seriously EVERY recipe, like this Better Homes and Garden magazine I picked up about breakfast. Score! I have recipes to make for the next month. :) The magazine teaches you how to make your own yogurt, s ...

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