Strawberry and Mango Salsa for Cinco de Mayo

strawberry and mango salsa 012

Next week is Cinco de Mayo already. I remember at my old job, we would always have a salsa contest on that day. People could bring in their own homemade salsas for taste testing and everybody who tried it could vote on their favorites. I never won that contest at all, and it was always same guy winning with his salsa every year. Every year. He would bring the same one  every time. Well, I bet this Strawberry and Mango salsa would blow his recipe out of the water. That is if I still worked ...

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Cinnamon French Toast Sticks

cinnamon sugar french toast sticks 020

Back when I worked at the dining center as a prep cook, I learned how to make some really good French toast.  The dining center was my job back when I was in college and I'd do everything. From serving, to working the grill, and to helping the cooks prepare the meals for the next day. That job was pretty awesome and fun, and I met a lot of cool people there. This grill was so huge, I'd be flipping like 50 pieces of French toast at a time. What makes a good French Toast? The key is in the ...

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One Pot Three Cheese Pasta

one pot creamy pasta 024

Holy crapola, is it ever WINDY today. I swear, Fargo should be named the Windy City instead of Chicago. The forecast  called for blowing dust, and this area would be a good fit for one of those Old Fashion Western films. We haven't had any rain in awhile here and it is so dry, we need it terribly. Pretty soon we'll start seeing tumbleweeds flying by our houses. My allergies are going bonkers and that doesn't mix well with my asthma. The pasta is cooked in one pot. It almost reminds me of ...

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Crispy Chicken Cobb Salad

chicken tender cobb salad 012

Photography is such an expensive hobby. There's a new lens that I'm interested in getting now. It's another macro lens, but this one is a 40 mm macro lens and the lowest aperture setting is 2.8. The one I already have is a 100 MM macro lens and the lowest is setting is 3.5. The 100 mm lens is such a pain when trying to take a real close up of some food. You can't stand too close to the food or else it won't take a picture, have to be a couple of feet away. This other lens will allow me to be ...

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Honey Walnut Shrimp Copy Cat

honey walnut shrimp 006

I love it how the Internet is exploding over what color a dress is lately. I saw gold and white on my monitor. Then again, since I am a graphic designer, I also wonder how many pictures of this dress is going around on the Internet and how many times it's been changed? Hmmmmmm.... Anyways.... I've been kind of bored at nights lately and need a hobby to do. So far, I've thought of joining a swim team and starting up my violin again. I had to go back to my childhood and think of things that I ...

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My new camera lens!

star1 005

  ISO: 1600 F stop: 5.6 Shutter speed: 20 seconds I got a new lens people and I'm so excited! Besides food, another subject that I LOVE to shoot is the night sky. I could look up at the stars all night long. Fargo is terrible for light pollution, so we have to go out into the country somewhere to get a good shot. The lens I bought was  a 11-24mm wide angle lens and so far I'm really loving it. There weren't these many stars when I was taking  pictures last night and the c ...

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Candied Walnuts and Chicken Salad

walnut 037

You want to know what term I don't get? Clean eating. It makes me think of someone who eats and cleans the house at the same time. I'm picturing a person chowing down on a piece of lettuce while they're sweeping the floor. Ha ha get it? Good. That's my joke for the day. Hope it made you laugh a bit. :) I'm sharing this salad recipe for everyone today because it's what I usually get when I go to the deli. I love walnuts, chicken, feta cheese, and dried cranberries on top of romaine ...

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The Hangover Quesadilla

the hangover quesadilla 004

Happy 2015! Last year was a good year for this blog, and I can't wait to see what this year brings! The best thing I ever did for this blog, was to buy a book on food photography and practice taking better pictures. The book I bought was Tasty Food Photography, you can get it on Pinch of Yum's site.  Two of my recipes were featured on the Huffington Post and 1 was featured on Buzzfeed. I would like to see my site traffic grow even higher this year, and  get more recipes featured. P ...

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