Texas Toast Garlic Bread Pizza

Texas Toast Garlic Bread Pizza 004

This is the easiest pizza I’ve ever made and it comes together in 5 minutes. It takes just as long as the Texas Toast takes to cook in the oven. Top with your favorite pre-cooked pizza ingredients and you’ve got an easy dinner in no time.   Spread on pizza sauce. Can be store bought…

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Skinny S’mores Cupcakes

Skinny S'mores Cupcakes 015

There's this chain bakery in town here called Gigi's. On Tuesdays, they have a S'mores cupcake and it's topped with mini marshmallows that have been blow torched, to make them look like they were on a campfire.  It also has a Hershey's chocolate square on top with marshmallow frosting. Not sure how many calories it was, but it was amazing.  That was my indulgence on Tuesday after work. It wasn't too sweet, and most of the cupcakes at Gigi's have frosting on top of the cupcakes that have to be at least a mile high. That will for sure send your body into sugar shock for a day or two. I t ...

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Oofda Tacos

Indian Fried Bread Tacos 058

Oofda Tacos aka as Indian Fried Bread Tacos are the perfect street fair food! Top the fried bread off with whatever you're little taco lover inside you desires. Ever since making that Barbacao Beef this weekend, I've had to think of clever ways to get rid of the left overs. That's the fun part, and where recipes will start to develop in my head. Some are Weight Watcher friendly, and others are not so much Weight Watcher friendly. Like these Indian Tacos. For my Oofda tacos, I topped them with leftover Barbacao beef, corn salsa, shredded cheese, and sour cream. Delicious! Use whatever ...

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US Navy Blue Angels

blue angels practice 092

  Sorry, if this is the first post people are seeing on their mailing list. Finally got that set up for people. My mailing list is supposed to go out on Monday mornings at 8am. If you're wondering where a recipe post is, I apologize. Instead you're going to see some jets for the first time. LOL. I think on Sundays, I'm just going to have a whatever post. It will be about photography, photography tips, stuff I like at the current moment, tips for bloggers, etc... I just get tired of taking pics of food all the time and blogging about food I love photography and I'll try to ...

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Slow Cooker Barbacoa Beef

Slow Cooker Barboca Beef 036

On Friday when I got off work at noon, I was craving Chipotle's Barbacoa Beef rice bowls.  I was going to head on over there and get one, but then I thought why? I can just make them at home and have Barbacoa beef for a week! It was almost meant to be because beef roast was on sale and so was corn for their famous corn salsa that I just love. I put the beef in the slow cooker and went off to take some pics of the Blue Angels. They're in town this weekend doing shows and a friend and I went to the park to go and take some pics of them. It was pretty awesome. This copy cat recipe is ...

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Bang Bang Shrimp Rolls

Bang Bang Shrimp Rolls 011

I took my famous Skinny Bang Bang Shrimp recipe and turned it into a shrimp roll.  When you're craving a lobster roll use shrimp instead. Shrimp is much cheaper than Lobster is. I WISH I could eat lobster every week of my life and live in a mansion, with my own personal chef. That would grand wouldn't it? The shrimp is tossed in a spicy yogurt sauce with Sweet Chili and Sriracha sauce. The first time I had Bang Bang shrimp was when I ate at the Ground Round, but their version of Bang Bang shrimp is called Boom Boom Shrimp. Bang Bang sounds a lot better than Boom Boom doesn't it? I have ...

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Grilled Salmon with Teriyaki Sauce

Grilled Salmon with Teriyaki Sauce 011

Whenever I want to eat something healthy for dinner, I go for my go-to meal. Salmon and steamed broccoli. I ALWAYS have salmon in my freezer and that one green vegetable that looks like a little tree too. I'm always looking for different ways to flavor salmon and teriyaki is the way to go. Sure, you could use one of those store bought bottles of teriyaki marinade, but I prefer to make my own. You can cook the sauce in a small pan until the sauce becomes this thick syrupy consistency. I'm not having the best of week so far. On Tuesday, I chipped my tooth whilst eating an almond. The ...

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecake Bars

kale pesto and cheesecake bars 016

First, these Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Cookie Bars happened this weekend. These yummy gooey cheesecake bars. Chocolate chip cookies sandwiched between some cheesecake filling. They are to die for. Literally. But wait. Then this happened! These cheesecake bars turned into popsicles. Yep, and it was the best idea that I've ever come up with in awhile. I took the leftover cheesecake bars and cut them into bite size pieces,  small enough to fit into the popsicle molds. Then, I mixed the cheesecake with some coconut milk and vanilla extract. And there you have it folks! The most ...

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