dulce de leche cookie bars 003

Dulce de Leche Cookie Bars

I learned a very important lesson this week.  Well maybe 2 lessons. 1. None of the things that I think about in my head are real and made up and 2. Don’t be afraid to ask people shit. If something is bothering you just ask them. I’m pretty good at bottling things up inside and…

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honey walnut shrimp 002

Crock Pot Dulce De Leche

This post is preparing  for a post for a bar recipe tomorrow. The main grocery store in town that I shop at didn’t have any dulce de leche, they used to but stopped carrying it. Scratch that, so I decided to make my own. You want to know how easy this is to make? All…

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honey walnut shrimp 006

Honey Walnut Shrimp Copy Cat

I love it how the Internet is exploding over what color a dress is lately. I saw gold and white on my monitor. Then again, since I am a graphic designer, I also wonder how many pictures of this dress is going around on the Internet and how many times it’s been changed? Hmmmmmm…. Anyways…….

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being beef and noodles 015

Lighter Beijing Beef

This may sound a bit crazy but  I’ve never had anything at Panda Express before up until about a month ago. They have been open up in the new strip mall here, and just right across from Panda Express is a brand spanking new Chipotle. It’s been too busy to go in there yet. My…

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chili cilantro almonds 012

Chili Lime Almonds

This weekend I saw the movie 50 Shades of Grey. I read the books and even wrote a cookbook about it. Look to the right of the side bar to see it on amazon. —> The movie would have been twice as better if they involved bacon in the plot somehow. Don’t you think? I…

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buffalo chicken lettuce wraps 032

Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Ok guys, you are obsessed with Buffalo Chicken! The Buffalo Chicken Baked Taquitos have gone viral and have been pinned over 16K times since last month. Yay! You guys also really like the Buffalo Chicken Lasagna. Buffalo Chicken is pretty much good with anything I’ve come to realize and I can’t stop eating it! It’s…

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mexican chorizo manicotti 011

Chorizo and Pepper Jack Stuffed Manicotti

  This recipe idea came to me when I was looking in my fridge to see what I had leftover. In my fridge was chroizo, leftover pepper jack cheese, and a jalapeno. I had been eyeballing a manicotti recipe that I was going to make and so I thought what if I stuffed the leftover…

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