Chocolate Cherry Smoothie Breakfast Bowl

breakfast bowl 020

Have you noticed all the raves about breakfast bowls lately? There’s this account I’ve been following called the Wholesome Bowl on Instagram and she just makes the most gorgeous looking breakfast bowls I’ve ever seen. I’m finally breaking down and giving them a try. I have been trying to figure out Instagram, and I still…

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Garlic Parmesan Fries

garlic parmesan fries 002

I am loving this new 40 mm lens of mine. Just look at how close it gets to the parmesan cheese on top of these fries! It's like magic and makes me want to dive into a pile of fries. That lens was a very good investment and it's pretty much the only lens that I use for my food pictures with now. These fries are baked in the oven and not fried. That makes them easy to dive into a pile of fries, because they are healthy fries. Imagine diving into a pile of grease, that would be bad. I ...

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Strawberry and Mango Salsa for Cinco de Mayo

strawberry and mango salsa 012

Next week is Cinco de Mayo already. I remember at my old job, we would always have a salsa contest on that day. People could bring in their own homemade salsas for taste testing and everybody who tried it could vote on their favorites. I never won that contest at all, and it was always same guy winning with his salsa every year. Every year. He would bring the same one  every time. Well, I bet this Strawberry and Mango salsa would blow his recipe out of the water. That is if I still worked ...

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Cinnamon French Toast Sticks

cinnamon sugar french toast sticks 020

Back when I worked at the dining center as a prep cook, I learned how to make some really good French toast.  The dining center was my job back when I was in college and I'd do everything. From serving, to working the grill, and to helping the cooks prepare the meals for the next day. That job was pretty awesome and fun, and I met a lot of cool people there. This grill was so huge, I'd be flipping like 50 pieces of French toast at a time. What makes a good French Toast? The key is in the ...

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Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites

spicy bacon wrapped chicken 068

Do you think I post enough bacon recipes on this blog? Nope. There can never be too many bacon recipes. Oh, and sorry about the amount of chicken recipes I've been posting lately too. Had some chicken left over from those kabobs that I made earlier this week and had to get rid of it somehow. Bacon + Chicken is always a win. These are really fun to make too. Wrap some bacon around some chicken bites. Poke a tooth pick in the middle so the bacon stays in its place.  Not the whole slice of ...

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Trisha Yearwood’s Cowboy Lasagna

trisha yearwoods cowboy lasagna 010

  Trisha Yearwood's Cowboy Lasagna is packed full of ground beef, sausage, pepperoni, fire roasted tomatoes, and layered with cheese and noodles for one delicious lasagna! This lasagna has everything a cowboy could ask for. Wait, I'm not a cowboy so how should I know that? I guess after  watching so many episodes of The Pioneer Woman or Trisha Yearwood's show, I now know what cowboy's like. Lots of meat and real spicy food.  In this lasagna, there's ground beef, Italian sausage, pe ...

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