Candy Corn Cookie Pizza

Candy Corn Cookie Pizza 002

It’s National Candy Corn day on October 30th, did you know that? Candy corn is everybody’s favorite candy right? I guess it depends on the person because I’ve seen a lot of facebook pages ask whether or not they like candy corn lately. Some hate it, others love. It’s kind of like cilantro. You either… 

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weight watcher's apple crisp 016

Weight Watcher’s Apple Crisp

This apple crisp is a lightened up version of the classic.  Apple Crisp has always been my favorite Fall treat to look forward to. I remember the very first apple crisp recipe I ever made and that had over a stick of butter in it. Yikes! This recipe still has all the basic apple crisp… 

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zombie meatloaf 028

No-Bake Nocciolata Cheesecakes

I got this jar of Nocciolata in the mail to sample, and it’s delicious. Nocciolata is a hazelnut spread made of all organic ingredients and it’s easy to spread on toast, pour over ice cream, or dip into strawberries. If you haven’t tried this stuff before you must. I found a jar of it in… 

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zombie meatloaf 004

Zombie Meatloaf

I am so pumped for tomorrow night, because the Walking Dead is FINALLY back on. YAY!!!!  I just love that show. In honor of the show, I decided to make this Zombie Meatloaf. You read that right, Zombie Meatloaf. I have three favorite shows that I watch other than cooking shows. They are the Walking… 

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pizza pull apart bread 008

Pizza Pull-Apart Bread

Happy Friday! I’ve found my new calling in life. Pull-apart bread. Seriously this stuff is amazing and this bread can be made either savory or sweet. I like how this “bread” uses canned biscuits for the bread dough part. You can pretty much do anything with biscuit dough these days. You simply just take a… 

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knoephla soup 010

Knoephla Soup Recipe

Knoephla Soup is a German soup, with potatoes and dumplings. It’s very famous in North Dakota. Being half German half Norwegian, I wanted to feature more recipes from this state and so I’d thought I’d start with this soup.  It’s creamy, rich, and very hearty. Filled with onions, carrots, celery, potatos, and little dumplings. Knoephla… 

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white chicken enchiladas 027

White Chicken Enchiladas

Have you ever cooked just a bunch of chicken in a crock pot before? If you haven’t done that yet, you should do it one time. The chicken can then be made into ANYTHING like these white chicken enchiladas. I like to shred the chicken but my husband prefers to have it whole. We split… 

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