Strawberry Margaritas and a new Lens!

strawberry margaritas 035

Hola people! In honor of getting my new 40 mm macro lens, I thought I'd give it a test drive with some fresh strawberry margaritas.  So far I'm loving this new lens. It came with a bunch of cleaning utensils for your camera lens like a cloth and a pen.  Getting new toys for your camera is so much fun. This is my 7th camera lens now and I think I'm done buying them for awhile. I always say that, but ended up finding new ones. I really wanted a 55 MM camera lens that had a macro function on there t ...

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Peppermint Eggnog Punch

peppermint eggnog punch 046

  Peppermint Eggnog Punch is the perfect Holiday drink to make for your next party and comes together in only 3 ingredients! Every year sometime before Thanksgiving, one of the grocery stores here has this event called Home for the Holidays. They have all different sorts of drinks, free samples to try, and appetizers. You can go there and eat lunch for the day just trying samples of food. Every year they serve this Peppermint Eggnog Punch. It is probably by far, my favorite Holiday Punch ...

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Fruity Exploding Sangria

Sangria and Soup 006

Let me first tell you a funny story when I was making this Sangria. I poured all the wine into the pitcher and then the fruit that I had juiced. After pouring the club soda into the juiced fruit and wine, the drink exploded. Literally exploded. It started foaming up and I had to quickly take the pitcher of Sangria to my sink to wait for all the fizziness to stop. Ben was laughing pretty hard, not at me, but at the Sangria. I had to quickly clean up the sangria mess on the floor, before we had ...

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Cherry Mojito

Buffalo Chicken Ranch Pizza 010

Cherry mojito is a fun summer time cocktail to make that uses rum, cherry syrup, mint, and lime.  Tastes like an alcoholic cherry limeaid. So It's Cherries for Charity time at one of the grocery stores in town. This is my absolute favorite time of the summer because cherries are on sale for cheap and cherries are my favorite fruit. So far, I've gotten 4 bags of cherries. I've even purchased a cherry pitter to make life easier. I've been looking up different cherry recipes on line and have ...

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Watermelon Slushies

chocolate chip cookie dough dip 029

Watermelon has always been my favorite summertime fruit. It's good just to cut up and eat it fresh, and it has to be cold watermelon. I can not stand watermelon that has been sitting out on the counter top, because it's warm. Also, do not eat watermelon before bed time, that is a warning! There's not a lot of watermelon dessert recipes out there, but plenty of frozen treats and drinks you can make with them. One time I  tried making watermelon jam and it wasn't pretty. The jam never got ...

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Blueberry Peanutbutter Shake

blueberrypeanutbutter 003

  I've been looking for healthy snack ideas lately, especially before a workout. I need to eat some type of protein before my body pump class and usually I've been getting sick of eating a spoonful of peanut butter lately. This smoothie does the trick I think and changes it up a bit. You can't go wrong with blueberries and peanut butter together. I added in some greek yogurt for extra protein and  also the peanut butter and milk have that as well. There is also something else I've ...

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Holiday Jingle Juice

puch 007

Usually at Thanksgiving, we don't have any type of alcoholic beverage, but this year we did. I was in charge of bringing the beverage and I decided on this one called Holiday Jingle Juice. I had narrowed it down to a Sangria or a pumpkin spice martini. I got pumpkin pie spice cream liquor at the liquor store and I mixed that with some Rumchata and it was so good. The Sangria would have been way less ingredients but I'm not much of a wine drinker. If you plan on having more than 5 guests at ...

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Bahama Mama

bahama mama

I don't think I've ever posted an alcoholic beverage on my website before. Maybe a mojito once but I think this is the first time. This is one of my favorite drinks to make, the Bahama Mama. I am mostly of a fan of fruity drinks. Tropical Teas, Sex on the Beach, Mai Tais, Pina Coladas, drinks like that, that remind of a Tropical place. I've been making one of these drinks at least once a night this week. I think I may be turning into an alcoholic, but that is what unemployment does to you. ;) ...

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