Hi, I'm Jenna. Located in Fargo, ND where it's freezing all the time. This blog started out as Weight Watcher Recipes site, and grew into a more wide variety of food. I still post those types of recipes every now and then so if you're into Weight Watchers check back often!

Tex-Mex Rice and Black-Eyed Peas

tex-mex black eyed pea salad 082

  I have always been afraid of eating black-eye-peas until now. Something about that little black dot on the bean always creeped me out. Maybe because it's supposed to look like an eye? It's just a another regular old bean though, so don't be afraid like me! Think Chipotle instead. Black-eyed peas cooked until their soft, mixed in with some cumin and chili powder to give it some spice. A little extra green for some added healthiness. Then top it off with all your favorite Chipotle toppings ...

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Honey Mustard Bacon Chicken Thighs

honey mustard chicken thighs 010

Warning: The chicken thighs are cooked in a pan in the oven. Be careful when taking the pan out, so you don't burn yourself like I did! I used an oven mit first, but when I went to take a picture of it, I forgot the oven mit. Ouch that kind of hurt somewhat, but only for a couple of seconds. Hot pan, hot pan! These chicken thighs are flavored with every persons favorite dippin sauce: honey mustard, and then topped with bacon. No need to dip the chicken in any sauce here. Unless you can find a ...

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Baked Brie with Maple Bacon Onion Jam

baked brie 028

I got a lot accomplished today! Got my final project done, my portfolio, and Christmas shopping. Now, I can just sit back, relax, and wait until next week when I get 5 days off. That is going to be so nice, looking forward to that. Maple Bacon Onion Jam from Stonewall Kitchen on top of melted brie cheese will change your life! I find the rind on the cheese to be a little nasty, so I cut that all off and melted the cheese in a ramiken. The cheese gets all melty and gooey, and when you take a ...

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Sugar-Free Peanut Butter Cookies

sugarless peanutbutter cookies 013

About a month ago, I went to the doctor and had a visit. Found out my blood sugar levels are a bit high. Yikes! I then began to look at everything I was eating in the day. The first things I noticed were yogurt and soda. A 12 ounce can of cherry coke has 44 grams of sugar. My yogurt had 17. That is 61 g of sugar every day that I was eating.  Those two foods have been eliminated from my diet. I do however like to enjoy a can of Cherry soda maybe once or twice a week still. Another food ...

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Brown Sugar Bacon Wrapped Little Smokies

tator tot sausage pie 043

Bacon Wrapped Brown Sugar Little Smokies - Pork wrapped in even more Porky fat goodness. Mmmmm My heart just stopped pounding for a bit. The first time I ever had these, somebody had brought them for Treat Day. At my old job, we had that every Thursday at 930am. One person would take turns bringing snacks for the week and usually our treat day team, had the most elaborate gourmet snack food. Sure, there were some teams that brought sugary baked treats like donuts and cookies all the time, but ...

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Tator Tot, Sausage and Egg Pie

tator tot sausage pie 003

Today was a good day. My recipe for Peppermint Eggnog Punch is on the Huffington Post. :) I decided to celebrate and picked up some brie cheese at the grocery store. Then, I got off from work and quickly made some bacon wrapped little smokies with brown sugar for treat day tomorrow. It's going to be a HUGE company wide pot luck and there is well over 400 people where I work at. I'm wearing my fat pants tomorrow. ;) j/k. Those are going on the blog tomorrow. This Tator Tot, Sausage and Egg ...

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Cranberry Almond Cheeseball

cheeseball 010

I made this cheese ball appetizer a couple weeks ago  and was debating on posting the recipe.  I accidentally left it out on one of the end tables after eating it, and go figure the dog gets almost half of it. At least there wasn't any chocolate in the cheese ball. That would have been terrible. My dog is really good at looking for leftover scraps. We don't do a lot of eating at our dining room table, which we should do more of.  We eat at our couch and watch Big Bang Theory during our di ...

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Peppermint Icecream Sandwich Cookies

peppermint sandwich cookies 046

I finally have a photography schedule for the Winter here. North Dakota Winters are not any fun. If you haven't been here before, it's usually below - 0 from Winter to March with wind chills of -30 sometimes! BRRRRR!!! You're probably wonder why I'm putting ice cream inside of cookies?  This sandwich cookie would be great for those of you that live where it's semi warm out around the Holidays. Lately, it's been in the 30's with days where there's hardly any sunshine out. I now make my food at ...

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