Miss Mickey’s Peanut Butter Balls

These peanut butter balls were featured on Trisha Yearwood’s show on Food Network, Saturday this last weekend. I’m starting to like her recipes. I’ve made these peanut butter balls and her chicken tortilla soup so far. There was a lasagna she made and she used tofu instead of ricotta cheese and I’m really curious to try that now. My husband is lactose intolerant and we’ve tried replacing tofu with other things as well. The one thing that kind of turned me off about that recipe is the black beans. I’m more of a meat fan when it comes to lasagna and that doesn’t float with my boat very well.

If you love peanut butter then you’ll love these. I’d love to try these with Biscoff spread or Nutella next time. I never used the dark corn syrup the recipe called for and just added another 1/2 cup of regular corn syrup. There’s a song on South Park that these remind me of, but we won’t go there. :)

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Spicy Pop Pulled Pork

You can never go wrong with one of Ree’s recipes. Every recipe I’ve tried of her’s, I just love. This one was so super simple and I threw everything into a slow cooker instead of a dutch oven. The pork roast cooked on high for 4-5 hours and it was ready. The meat was just falling apart when I shredded it and it was so tender. I served mine on some fresh sandwich buns that I got at Hornbacher’s grocery store here in town. Tomorrow I want to try this meat inside some quesadilllas.

If you’re on a diet, you can go ahead and use a can of diet soda. Make sure to remove all the fat. There was a really big piece of it that just fell off when it was done cooking and I just threw that away. 1 serving of this pork is about 8 points.  I used coke because that is the drink of choice in our house. It’s not too spicy either with the can of chipotle peppers in there. I’d definitely make this recipe again.

P.S. I’ve got to stop watching Food Network…. Instead of having my website be recipe-diaries.com I should just change my name to The Food Network Cooking Blog or something dumb like that. Yesterday I made Alton Brown’s fudge, today was Ree’s pulled pork, and tomorrow I’m going to make the peanut butter balls featured on Trisha Yearwood’s show. Am I addicted?

This isn’t the prettiest picture sorry. Just trying to show how tender it was. :)

Recipe from The Pioneer Woman

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Alton Brown’s Chocolate Fudge

I’ve been becoming quite the candy maker lately. I made some more caramels and fudge yesterday. I’ve tried making pumpkin fudge before, and I think there was something wrong with the recipe. It could be that the pumpkin caused the sugar mixture to start burning too early when it hasn’t even reached 234 degrees yet. I tried about 10 different times  to get that recipe to work and just couldn’t get it. That made me angry.  I decided to try a different fudge recipe this time from Alton Brown. This was super easy to follow and the chocolate mixture did not start burning before the temp reached to 234 degrees. I was pretty happy. You can add whatever you like to this fudge recipe. I added chopped pecans and marshmallows. Any type of dried fruit would be good, candy, cookies, you name it.

This is real fudge people. Not the fudge you make where all you do is melt some chocolate in a microwave or mix some kind of cake mix. I came across a “fudge” recipe the other day ago that just required some cake mix, butter and oil. I was kind of confused because they had called it fudge when the recipe didn’t require any sugar or chocolate to be boiled together until it reached a certain temp. Whatever I guess… it looked pretty easy though and I’m a fan of easy recipes. I also like the difficult recipes every now and then.

[gmc_recipe 6003]

Creamy Tomato Tortellini Soup

The first time I made this soup it was eaten up so fast, I didn’t get to take a picture of it. I also added about a tablespoon of pesto sauce that I got at Trader Joe’s. That made this soup extra delicious.

It starts off with 2 cans of tomato soup. People won’t even know you started off with that after you add in all the other ingredients. The chicken broth and half and half make this ten times better. I just dumped in the package of frozen tortellini into the boiling soup and waited until they floated to the top. Ok, I just don’t suggest dumping in the package of tortellini like I did, or else you’ll have boiling hot water splatter all over your shirt. Don’t wear white while making this soup either. ;) Sprinkle on parmesan cheese on top or serve with garlic bread.

Creamy Tomato Soup recipe from Plain Chicken

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A Bacon Inspired Thanksgiving

I normally don’t post any Thanksgiving recipes on my blog because I don’t cook Thanksgiving at all. I normally go over to the in-laws or to my Mom’s house. Usually, I’m asked to bring something with and that is Strawberry Pretzel salad recipe from Paula Deen. Everybody loves it. I decided this year, to do a little bacon inspired Thanksgiving post in honor of 50 Shades of Bacon coming out this year. So far this month we’ve sold over 200 copies of the book!! Thank you to everyone that has been buying it.


This picture has been going around a lot lately. I have no idea where the original source is from. Here’s bacon wrapped turkey. Doesn’t it look delicious?

Bacon, Cheddar and Chive mashed potatoes from Kitchen Comments

I’m not a big fan of green bean casserole so I won’t post a recipe for that at all. But, these bacon wrapped green beans from Our Best bites look scrumptious.

Bacon and Brown Sugar Topped Sweet Potato Casserole from Tracey’s Culinary Adventure’s.

As far as desserts go, how bout a bacon lattace apple pie from Babble?

Also, here’s a Maple Bacon Pumpkin Pie from The Butcher’s Blog. I think I might try making this one myself.I love maple and bacon together!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope everyone has a fantastic turkey day.

Buffalo Chicken Casserole

What should you make on Thanksgiving this year? Why not a turkey wrapped in bacon that has been marinaded with Buffalo chicken sauce? Or, you could make this buffalo chicken casserole with leftover turkey. Just kidding. I think this is one of the best ideas I’ve had in awhile. The only thing that could have made it even better would be bacon. I had a lot of leftover Slow Cooker buffalo chicken and was trying to think of what else I could make with it. I had made Buffalo Chicken dip yesterday and thought this would all be good just mixed with some pasta baked in the oven. I’ve got Buffalo Chicken casserole to have during the week for lunch and now all my Buffalo Chicken has been used up. :(

I also made Buffalo Chicken grilled cheese for dinner one time this week, and also a buffalo chicken. This recipe is so versatile you can do pretty much anything with it, and I just love recipes like that.

Servings: 8

Recipe inspired from Buffalo Chicken Dip

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Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake

Cheesecake has become pretty easy for me to make. The hardest part about making this cheese cake was the mousse. I’ve never made mousse before and that was a first for for me. All you do is melt some chocolate and quickly stir in the egg yolks. While the chocolate is melting beat the egg whites until they form stiff peaks. Gently fold in everything together. The mousse thickens in the fridge as it sets.

Do you have to use a water bath when making cheese cake? No. I don’t bother messing with that. The cheese cake seems to cook just fine without one. I still get cracks but every cheese cake isn’t perfect. Do you have to wait for the eggs and cream cheese to come to room temperature? I actually use my food processor to make cheese cake. I think the food processor helps everything to combine easier. There have been times when I make cheese cake the cream cheese ended up looking like cottage cheese for some reason. So, I just use a food processor pretty much. I love my food processor.

This cheesecake has raw eggs in it. If you don’t like eating raw eggs, then there’s another chocolate mousse recipe I found which you can find here. It is an Alton Brown recipe and instead of raw eggs he uses gelatin to thicken the mousse mixture up. Is it safe to eat raw eggs? Yes, people put them in protein shakes and how many times have you eaten raw cookie dough and lived to see the next day? ;)

I loved this cheese cake. I think the mousse layer makes it and I love all the different colored layers you see when you cut into the cheese cake.

Recipe from Mangio de Sola (slightly adapted)

[gmc_recipe 5906]

Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

I made these for treat day and the sandwiches were a big hit. The buffalo wing sauce makes the chicken really runny, and everyone thought that it could have been a little bit thicker. Next time, I’m going to try adding some flour or cornstarch to thicken the sauce up a bit. They were calling them buffalo sloppy joes.  Ha ha.

The recipe makes a lot. I ended up doubling the recipe and used 6 pounds of boneless chicken, and now I have a lot of buffalo chicken to use up. That’s ok though, because I am a buffalo chicken lover freak and I look forward to using up the leftovers. Too bad the husband doesn’t like buffalo chicken, he’s missing out.

Servings: 8

Points Plus: 4 (just chicken, sauce, and seasoning)

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