Browned Butter Rice Krispie Treats with Caramel

rice crispy treats 040

To start of the weekend right, make these browned butter rice krispie treats with caramel. I turned these krispie treats up a notch by adding gooey caramels, chocolate chips, and letting the butter brown in the pot before adding in the marshmallows. Browned butter adds this extra flavor of richness to the rice krispie treats. If you haven't noticed on this blog yet, I've been really watching the treats lately. I used to make a new treat every weekend. Sometimes even twice a week, but now ...

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Blueberry Waffle Bread Pudding + Ideas for National Hot Breakfast Month

blueberry waffle bread pudding 029

  Can you believe it's February already? That poor groundhog Phil, saw has shadow on Monday, so that means there's at least 6 more weeks of Winter. Boooo!!!!!!!! More like 10 where I live. Groundhogs are rodents, not meteorologists! Just saying. :) February is also National Hot Breakfast month. You can have breakfast for dinner all month long and have no shame!  I have breakfast for dinner so many times during the week. On some nights, I'm really lazy and just cook up some hash browns a ...

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25 Slow Cooker Recipes for Weight Watcher’s


Welcome to another installment of finding more Weight Watcher Recipes around the web. This time I found some delicious looking  slow cooker recipes. I just love a dish that has been cooked low and slow all day in the slow cooker. Especially when there is meat involved and it just falls apart at the touch of a fork. I hope you enjoy some of these! I spent my Saturday night finding these for you. Yep, that is how I rock my Saturday nights. Some of these are mine and others are from other ...

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Maple-Bacon Cornbread Muffins

maple bacon cornbread muffins 042

These muffins have been on my to make list since I bought this brunch magazine a couple of weeks ago. I remember on Christmas Day, we had the sweetest corn bread muffins with chili. They were the best cornbread muffins I've ever had and they were from Famous Daves. They were almost like corn bread cupcakes.  These maple-bacon cornbread muffins remind me of those cornbread muffins. Sweetened with maple syrup instead of refined sugar and with a little bit crispy bacon for some saltiness. The ...

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Beef and Chorizo Chili

beef and chorizo chili 007

Hey Guys! Happy Wednesday! Yoga has quickly become my new favorite work out. I've been doing that religiously for a month now and already I can tell a difference. I could never do a plank before and would always do them on my knees. Now, I can do a plank and breath for five counts. FIVE! Side planks are still a little bit difficult, but I keep on finding the more I go, the more flexible I've become. My favorite Yoga pose so far is chabasanna (sp?) The best pose to do at the end of a long ...

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SpaghettiOs Pizza

spaghettio pizza 066

First off, I want to thank you guys! This blog has been getting record breaking traffic all this month.  Yesterday,  was my highest day to the number of page views yet: 16,897. That is crazy!!  My Hangover Quesadillas also got on Buzzfeed this weekend, which is pretty awesome. I hope this traffic continues to grow! I've had my blog for over 3 years now, and it's taken 3 years to get major traffic like this to my blog, so I just want to thank all of you! Warning: This pizza is not what you eat ...

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Knock You Naked Brownies

knock you naked brownies 002

Valentine's Day is coming up. This year, I'll be spending Valentine's Day alone because my husband is traveling to Slovakia for work. Lucky him! I'd tag a long with, but I don't want to spend all day by myself while he's doing work stuff. No thanks. It will be just the dogs and I. We'll probably celebrate a couple days before that, and what better way to celebrate is by making your sweet heart some kind of sweet decadent dessert for Valentine's Day? If the title of these brownies bother ...

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My new camera lens!

star1 005

  ISO: 1600 F stop: 5.6 Shutter speed: 20 seconds I got a new lens people and I'm so excited! Besides food, another subject that I LOVE to shoot is the night sky. I could look up at the stars all night long. Fargo is terrible for light pollution, so we have to go out into the country somewhere to get a good shot. The lens I bought was  a 11-24mm wide angle lens and so far I'm really loving it. There weren't these many stars when I was taking  pictures last night and the c ...

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